Event Design and Management



Start date

October 2024




On campus


6 Months


30 IED

Course Coordination

Cesc Grau, Helena Rosselló



Put all your creative talent to the test designing experiences of value to convey concepts, launch new products and make company initiatives compelling.

Create meaningful experiences: in this Postgraduate in Event Design and Management you’ll acquire the specific knowledge and tools you need to organise an event of significant communicative value that satisfies the client’s expectations to the full.

During the program you’ll discover how an event is a channel that can be used to communicate messages and help a brand connect with its audience. See how events, both large and small, are one of the most common marketing and communication strategies; they’re highly adaptable and offer numerous possibilities, such as a chance to unveil something new.

You’ll learn to use a variety of tools to organise the event in a practice-based, collaborative learning process.

Information to decide

A postgraduate program in applied marketing and design strategies to create and manage original events.

This Postgraduate in Event Design and Management introduces you to the cultural and social factors to be considered when organising an event. You’ll acquire sector-specific knowledge to enrich your CV in the practical part of the program, organising real events based on case study briefs, working in a group and in class.

During the learning process we’ll apply two key methodologies: ROLE-PLAY (from the start of the program, and throughout the project, you’ll play an active role in an agency you’ll set up with your group). COOPERATIVE LEARNING (in the first half of the course you’ll provide content for your fellow students with the help of your tutors).

In preparation for your final project, you’ll present your work to an Academic Panel of experts. At the end of the postgraduate, the student-agency submits its project to the Academic Panel of lecturers and clients.

The Postgraduate in Event Design and Management is for Marketing, Communication, PR, Production degree holders or graduates and professionals with accredited experience in the Marketing or Communication sectors who want to add event management to the services they provide.

If you already have experience in Communication, Marketing, Finance, Advertising, Spatial Design or Creative Disciplines, this program will add another feather to your professional cap and CV.

A CV and cover letter are required for enrolment in the program. The school will evaluate each case on its merits. If some of the admission requirements are not met, the applicant may be called for a personal interview

The Postgraduate in Event Design and Management lets you master the secrets of event design to turn an event into an effective communication channel. You’ll learn which critical factors to consider when organising an event, and how to prepare a strategic communication plan.

With the skills, techniques and theory acquired you’ll develop a real case study with your group, and present the project before an expert panel of selected lecturers and clients.

When you finish the program you’ll be fully qualified to join event organisation teams, PR departments, marketing agencies or production teams implementing cultural administration policies or a plan of action in the tourism sector.

The city of Barcelona is an exceptional setting for a program like this: it’s a city that hosts international trade fairs and congresses of major interest, a place where companies are always on the lookout for specialised profiles to add to their teams.


What will you learn?

The course leaves no stone unturned, and you’ll get a comprehensive overview of how to design an event to meet the client's specific expectations. You’ll learn techniques you can use to come up with new creative concepts, and how to use marketing and communication to catch the public's eye.


Marketing and Communication

Key points for receiving and interpreting a Brief

Strategic Plan/Communication Plan. Offline and Online

Sponsors & Partners

Personal Brand


Wow Concepts

The Event Concept

Creative Concept Techniques

Event Typologies

Style and Moodboard


The Event Organisation Processes

Teams and Profiles

Internal Relations

Event Actions

Event Assessment




Art Direction

Innovative Catering

Technical Production and Logistics



Event Manual

On Site


Cesc Grau

Course Coordinator

Helena Rosselló

Course Coordinator

Edu Villanúa