Circular economy and sneakers design



Start date

July 2024




On campus


2 Weeks



Course Coordination

Bárbara León

Combine your interest in fashion design and the circular economy with a practical and
collaborative course that addresses the entire creative process, from the idea to the
manufacturing of the product.

The Summer Course in Circular Economy and Sports Footwear Design starts from the problem of waste generated by the textile sector, and footwear in particular, to proposing a second life for this type of product. 

This intensive summer training will allow you to analyse the negative impact of current consumption patterns and propose solutions focused on recovering this waste from the commitment to the circular economy. 

During the three-week course, you will go through all the aspects of the process of creating trainers: from the methodology to be used, through the design and planning phase to the practical work.

Information to decide

A course to explore your creativity, combining your passion for fashion design with your commitment to the circular economy.

During the three-week course, you will be fully introduced to the practical development of footwear recovery projects. You will rebuild imaginative models in line with current trends from textile waste.

Following a collaborative methodology, together with other students you will develop each of the phases of actual recovery projects for this type of footwear.

By doing so, you will achieve unique developments in each project and you will learn to cultivate a generation process of ideas, design and manufacturing in which the contribution and creativity of each student plays a relevant role in improving the final result.

This three-week summer course is primarily aimed at people interested in the fields of textile design and product design. It is also intended for people with an interest in design processes linked to the circular economy and the transformation of waste into a resource.

The course in Circular Economy and Sports Footwear Design will enable you to learn about the workshop process involved in disassembling footwear parts (deconstruction) and subsequently assembling them (reconstruction).

Thanks to this three-week training you will understand the mechanisms for recovering textile waste to give it a second life, identify patterns of use, and points to take into account when using and collecting raw material.

You will study at the IED Bilbao headquarters, located in the iconic Papelera Building on the so-called Isla Creativa, where you will share your time with other students interested in the circular economy, fashion design and creativity, and you will come into contact with the sector from a sustainable and future perspective.



Introduction focused on the practical alternatives comprising the circular economy in footwear manufacturing

Presentation of the theoretical basis and the context for implementation of the work methodology we will develop later

In this section, certain knowledge about representation techniques, specific to this area of work, will also be provided


Development of various design and planning projects for footwear recovery


Implementation of a complete reconstruction cycle from shoe waste


Bárbara León

Course Coordinator