Start date

July 2023




On campus


10 days

Students will be introduced to the design world by participating in various workshops to get to know each of the main fields of design: fashion design, product design, graphic design and interior design.

The Global Design course opens up the doors to the four areas of design (Fashion, Product, Interior and Graphic). This course is extremely hands-on, a space for experimenting and learning what design is and how to experience it through the Learning by Designing methodology.

During the course, students develop a GLOBAL design project, which is approached from the four areas of design, organised into modules.

Students will learn what design is and how to experience it through the methodology of "learning by designing" that defines IED Madrid.

Information to decide

1. Fashion Design

  • Learn the concepts of identity and brand image in the fashion industry.
  • Use creativity to design a garment or accessory and learn to develop a full look using the upcycling technique.

 2. Product Design

  • Learn to design a product.
  • To conceive it, to learn to represent it through sketching techniques, to represent and produce it using manual prototyping techniques.

 3. Graphic Design

  • Look around: graphic design surrounds you.
  • Build a world with text and image, design a typography and create patterns.
  • Generate, develop and bring to life ideas and images through visual communication.

 4. Interior Design

  • Learn how to customise an interior.
  • Create experiences and decorate the space through the use of colour, materials, textures, and decorative items.

Global Design is one of the Summer Junior Courses of IED Madrid's Junior Academy. Summer Juniors are courses in design, fashion and visual communication designed specifically for young people between the ages of 15 and 18.

Their aim is to start students off in the world of design, develop their creative skills and give them the basic tools to facilitate their access to these disciplines. Students will learn while they have a good time in the best creative context. They will enjoy a unique experience and get the most out of their holidays. In this sense, Madrid offers all that a student could want. 


Cosmopolitan, welcoming, entertaining, traditional and avant-garde, open and dynamic, Madrid is also the capital of design and innovation, with an intense cultural life and a youthful, restless and optimistic spirit.



  • Develop creative skills in design.
  • Experiment through practical exercises and discover the possibilities offered by each area of design.
  • Obtain a 360º view of the world of design.