Global Design - Junior



Start date

July 2024




On campus


2 Weeks


60 Hours

Work as a member of a design team, practice your English, discover exactly how far your creativity can go.

This Global Design Junior Summer Course in English opens the doors to the wonderful world of design and invites you to take your first step developing projects in a variety of fields that may be where your true passion lies. 

You’ll develop a total design proposal for the four fundamental areas of design: Fashion, Product, Interior and Graphic design.

It’s a practical course that gives you hands-on experience, based on the premise that a designer learns by designing. You’ll acquire a cross-disciplinary vision, giving free rein to your imagination as you develop your own creative skills.

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Discover the world of design developing Fashion, Product, Interior or Graphic design projects as part of a global festive challenge: designing and planning a summer music festival.

The course is split into four main modules: Fashion Design, Product Design, Graphic Design and Interior Design. Rise to the challenge and put what you’ve learned in each specialisation into practice as you develop your own project.

Professional designers, specialists in their fields, pass on the secrets of their trade in classes taught in English.

A course tailor-made for young people aged 15 to 18 years old, who want to develop their creative skills while enjoying a unique, cross-disciplinary experience to get a taste of every design specialty, in the very heart of Madrid.


It's a chance to get a global overview of the world of design, discover the ins and outs of each specialisation, the differences that characterise each one, and how each particular field relates to the others.

The course is a great way to practice your English and learn some sector-specific jargon in a dynamic environment with like-minded people.

An incredible learning experience right in the heart of Madrid - a bustling, vibrant city - to learn about design and see whether one particular area of design takes your fancy as you’ll have every opportunity to try them all (Fashion, Product, Interior and Graphic Design) during the course. 



  • Develop creative skills in design.
  • Experiment through practical exercises and discover the possibilities offered by each area of design.
  • Obtain a 360º view of the world of design.


Design Fundamentals. Analysis

Design Fundamentals. Ideation

Drawing. Representation

Design Fundamentals. Analysis

Design Fundamentals. Ideation

Drawing. Representation

Drawing. Communication


Representation Systems

Digital Technology


Sustainable Thinking

Design Scientific Fundamentals

Theory and History of Arts

Graphic Design

Product Design

Fashion Design

Interior Design