Higher Course in Interior Styling and Decoration



Start date

July 2024


Full time


On campus


3 Weeks


90 Hours

Learn how to create atmosphere, from the initial concept of a space, to finding its potential and seeing what emotions it conveys, working with a selection of materials, furniture, finishes, textures, using colour and lighting.

In this Higher Summer Course in Interior Styling and Decoration you’ll learn the ins and outs of the processes, tools and techniques used in this field, to develop your own interior design project. 
Good space design conveys the emotions and unique personality of the people living there; in the design of that particular space we perceive the passage of time, traces of the lives that transformed it, and last but not least, future possibilities for transformation. 
Embracing this vision, in this course we’ll work on key aspects such as the choice of materials, furniture, finishes, textures and lighting solutions. We’ll take a close look at specialised companies and some of the major names in the sector.

Information to decide

A course in which you’ll be using the creative process, techniques and tools to design elements that distinguish and characterise different interior spaces.

You’ll develop an interior design project on a specific theme, using your creative talent with forecasting resources to put the theoretical concepts you’ve acquired during the course into practice. Different projects can be developed to boost your creative drive and give you more experience, applying a variety of resources to spatial design.

Architects, surveyors, industrial designers and people working in the arts and design. Previous knowledge of spatial design and AutoCAD is required.

A chance to take your passion for interior design and styling to the next level by adopting a professional perspective in line with the reality and needs of the sector. 


MODULE 1: Construction details and finishes

· Using materials as a creative feature in an interior design project
· Traditional and state-of-the-art materials
· Different construction techniques
· Using construction components as a differentiating feature in an interior design project.

MODULE 2: Lighting and colour

· The basics of colour and applications
· Applications in interior architecture, furnishing, lighting
· An analysis of different types of lighting in interior design projects

MODULE 3: The current context

· Emergent interior design project types
· Major names in the sector
· Specialised companies operating in the sector