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July 2023




On campus


3 Weeks


from 3.150€

Dive into the wonderful world of fashion, learn to understand trends, and the ins and outs of visual communication in a variety of projects.

This intensive, 3-week Fashion Styling Summer Course gives you the chance to see how this sector works from the inside. Discover the many facets of fashion styling, from seasonal trend analysis to the arrival of the “new collection” for the end customer. Research resources such as editorials and articles, audiovisual media, websites, designer or brand advertising.

In this course you’ll acquire the know-how, techniques and criteria you need to perform in this professional role, an intimate understanding of what goes into the communication strategy behind a project, and how a stylist interacts with the various sectors and professionals involved. 

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A course that leaves no stone unturned, in which you’ll discover every aspect of fashion styling and learn which tools to use for each particular process.

This course opens the doors to professional opportunities with the skills and know-how you need in the fashion styling world.

In three weekly modules you’ll learn how to analyse seasonal trends and how to apply the results of the analysis to a certain context: a particular publication, brand or person.

What’s more, you’ll gain hands-on experience with different techniques used in the fashion styling world and learn what goes into a brand consultant’s job. Last but not least, you’ll learn the basics of styling and costume design for film, TV and the theatre.

Anyone interested in fashion styling, as well as students of fashion design, communication or journalism. 

This Fashion Styling Summer Course gives you the chance to develop your creative skills in a sector that’s constantly on the lookout for new talent. You’ll study the history of fashion, trend analysis and digital communication.  

Research into cultural or artistic references can be used to create your own message using aspirational images. You’ll see how fashion production is managed both in the editorial context and e-commerce channel.

In this intensive 3-week course you’ll explore every possible scenario, the projects and communication strategies stylists play an important role in, and the results a good stylist can achieve. Studying in a city like Madrid makes this course particularly interesting: top companies in the sector actively look for this profile when selecting staff, as every designer developing a collection for next season needs a fashion stylist. 


MODULE I: Cultural Component

- Fashion Culture
- Visual Culture
- Trend Analysis

MODULE II: Technical Component

- Editorial Styling
- E-commerce Styling
- Consulting
- Celebrities
- Graphic Design Tools
- Photography
- Advertising
- Costume Design for Film and Theatre

MODULE III: Photo shoots

- Editorials
- E-commerce

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