Fashion Marketing and Expertise in Fashion Business



Start date

October 2023


Full time


On campus


3 Years


212 IED (1764 Horas)


From €16,900

A course between Madrid and Milan whose analytical aspect opens the doors to specialised, highly demanded positions in the fashion market

Against a backdrop that is increasingly global, complex and subject to rapidly constant changes, the IED Diploma in Fashion Marketing + Expertise in Fashion Business provides you with knowledge of the fashion industry that goes beyond its creative aspect to focus on marketing and sales or management.

Lasting a total of three years and taught in English, the programme shows you the tools, techniques and strategies to learn about consumers and position brands according to their financial, production, distribution and communication dimensions. With its first and third years in Madrid and second year in Milan, the programme represents an immersion in the real workings of the international fashion industry, as it includes seminars or workshops in addition to theoretical and practical learning, as well as the chance to start forming a solid network.

The course provides you with both analytical and creative expertise to confront the challenges of the fashion market, which demands innovative, specialised professionals who are capable of interpreting the needs of the public to convert them into opportunities.

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A comprehensive, international perspective of the fashion ecosystem with a dual specialisation focus: marketing/sales and management/administration.

The programme lasts three years, with the first and third years taught in Madrid and the second year taking place in Milan.

You follow a very complete path through the fashion system throughout your training experience. On the one hand, you acquire a solid grounding in the history and evolution of fashion, as well as in textile culture and design methodologies. On the other hand, you learn how to detect the needs of the market and the consumer, delving deeper into devising, developing and applying innovative marketing and sales strategies as well as acquiring business management expertise.

Your studies conclude with the development and presentation of a thesis that puts into practice all the knowledge that you have acquired.

People passionate about fashion wishing to take on a more analytical role, delving into the workings of this industry according to a specific focus on marketing and management.

You can opt for a wide range of professional positions after the completion of your studies:

  • Branding and Communication Specialist

  • Merchandising Specialist

  • Product Manager

  • Retail Specialist

  • Fashion Buyer

  • Digital Coordinator

  • Etc.

An extremely complete and practical programme that opens the doors to key professional profiles for the success of fashion brands beyond that of design.

Experiencing this educational journey between Madrid and Milan, two world fashion capitals, offers you truly authentic international knowledge of the industry, as you participate in activities such as seminars, visits or workshops and come into contact with professionals and companies. 

You also complete this uniquely personal training experience as guided by IED, an international group whose fashion schools are benchmarks in education benchmarks throughout the world.



Style, the History of Art and Costume
The History of Fashion
Design Methods
Marketing Techniques
Communication Techniques
Fashion System
Economics and Fashion Business Management
Design Management
Office, Photoshop & Illustrator
Textile Culture
Project Management
Fashion Marketing Planning
Media Planning
Fashion Publishing
Fashion & Advertising
Fashion Business Workshops
Fashion Business Specialisation


Phenomenology of Fashion
Graphic Design
Consumer Psychology and Segmentation
Business Plan
Fashion Marketing Strategy
Fashion Product
Marketing Ethics
Retail Management
Distribution System
Below The Line
Multimedia Publishing
Digital PR / Influence Marketing
The History of Fashion
Elective Courses
Interdisciplinary Studies / Workshops


Visual Research
Video Strategy
Video Techniques
Fashion Buying
Visual Merchandising
International Marketing
Digital Media and Marketing Performance
Social Media Communication
Fashion Marketing Strategy
Business Law
Business Management
IED Square
Academic Writing
Research Methodology
Iconographic Research
The History of Fashion
Fashion Business Specialisation
Traineeship / Career Counselling
Fashion Business Workshops
Foreign Language Studies
Thesis Project