Animation Design



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November 2024


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Lorenzo Lodovichi

Start your career path in the animation industry and bring out your creativity as you make your first short film. This is all part of our Master's Course in Animation Design

The Master's Course in Animation Design will uncover your power to create imaginary worlds through a strong project-based approach. You will learn how to storytell, bring explorable settings to life and make a short film from scratch covering everything, from music to direction and production.

This Master's Course is your opportunity to move into your future career and get familiar with the industry as a whole. Over your time here, you will explore new forms of contamination between different visual expressions as you prepare to become a specialist designer for the production of animated content.

Information to decide

A Master's Course that looks at the Animation Designer as a high-trained professional who can adapt to the evolving global industry

The study programme of the Master's Course in Animation Design at IED Milano has a focus on the methods of animation design, production and development, as it covers subject creation, directing and use of effects. Special attention is paid to the latest trends typically found in TV series and cinema, Vfx, advertising, game industry, 2D digital and stop motion animation.

Much of the course will focus on developing technical skills and knowledge of software tools as part of a project-based approach. You will have access to a lab equipped with Wacom Cintiq graphics tablets and work with speciality software applications such as Toon Boom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, and also the Adobe suite.

Teaching will be divided into three main areas: design, technical-practical and production-marketing sessions. This approach to the course will help you bring out your innate skills and competitive factors. Whether it is a short film, a mock communication project on social/educational issues, or also a pilot project for a TV series, you will have plenty to choose from as your dissertation project. You will be able to work either individually or as part of a team, learning how to build a work portfolio for pitch competitions being held at the most important festivals.

The Master's Course in Animation Design at IED Milano is for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in the areas of illustration or computer graphic animation. It is also for those who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in such areas as Painting, Scenography and Multimedia.

You can also apply if you are a graduate of a comics and animation design school, or if you have equivalent experience in the area of animation.

In particular, this Master's Course is designed for those who want to work in a team involving multiple skills (character, ambient, storyboard, layout, animation, filmmaking, refining, post-production, sound), and also for those who have ambitious project-oriented mindsets and enjoy discussing technical details on a regular basis. It is also intended for those who want to explore and overcome their own limits to approach a complex project like a film.

The Master's Course in Animation Design at IED Milano has a strong multidisciplinary focus and provides an understanding of the most popular applications of animation: advertising, TV series, feature and short films, docufiction, video games, cross/transmedia productions, and special effects for television and film productions.

The Master's Course makes the contamination between the different stylistic and expressive forms of animation its added value: the one-year course trains professionals with state-of-the-art and vertical technical skills in the field, enabling them to design innovative projects and to fit into a competitive context and a rapidly evolving industry.

Your learning process here will be like an adventurous journey, which will be made even more meaningful as you enjoy interactions with other people along the way. Leading names such as Japanese designer and artist Fusako Yusaki or notable masters like Bruno Bozzetto and Mario Addis have brought their experience and professionalism into the classroom over the past years.

Consistently with the DNA of all IED schools, this Master's Course provides you with the opportunity to approach the world of work, developing new contacts as you move throughout an international network full of endless opportunities for growth. At the end of your training, you will have a short film to submit to the industry professionals and your great know-how will help you take on different roles including that of Concept Artist, Character Designer, Ambient Designer, Storyboard and Layout Artist, 2D Character Animator, Production Assistant, and also Compositor.


The first part of the Master's Course involves in-depth and specialized concept design, pre-production and animation, with an integration of technical and practical workshops. Later on, learning activities will mainly consist of sessions providing extra time to help you with your dissertation project. The programme will be divided into 3 core areas: design, technical-practical and production-marketing sessions.


Concept Design for Animation
Character Design
Ambient Design
Pre-production: from Subject to Storyboard


2D Animation: ToonBoom Harmony, Toon Boom Storyboard
Compositing Advanced Techniques and Effects
Workshop: Stop Motion - Performance Capture


Production Management
Production Critical Analysis


Lorenzo Lodovichi

Visualizer, Illustrator and Director

Course Coordinator

Laura Fiori

Art Director

Course Coordinator

Mario Addis

Cartoon Film Director, Animator and Illustrator

Nicola Finizio

Fabrice Beau


Sara Brienza

Character Design Lecturer

Lorenzo Di Tria

Audio Designer and Music Producer

Roberta Tufigno

Illustrator, 2D Animator & Motion Graphic Designer

Linda Kelvink

Director, Art Director, Animator

Zeno Toppan

Dalila Rovazzani

Senior Animator & Illustrator

Course partner