Design degli Interni 2



Start date

November 2023




On campus


8 Months


2.400 €

The aim of the Interior Design 2 course is to face an interior design project

The Interior Design 2 course is conceived for students who possess the instrumental and cultural bases necessary to face an interior design project and who want to go into depth with the issues related to designing living and commercial spaces: this in-depth study takes place both by means of theoretical and practical itineraries, and by means of a project-oriented approach to interior design.
The Interior Design 2 course goes into depth with the knowledge of manufacturing contemporary furniture, furnishing accessories, kitchens, and bathroom design. Students will increase their knowledge about the materials and fabrics used in interior design. The course on lighting techniques deals with the various difficulties related to light in all its declinations. A specific course will deal with the quality of the project presentation layout, while the computer course will introduce designing with the support of Rhinoceros.
The course on project development thus becomes the place to check and apply all the information acquired in the other disciplines. 

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

Information to decide

The structure of this course includes one preparatory year, during which the student acquires all the expressive tools (three-dimensional modelling, layout and visualisation of the project aimed at the client presentation), cultural tools (an analytical and critical knowledge of the entire contemporary production of interior design elements), technical and sensorial tools (material transformation processes, knowledge of innovative materials, lighting techniques), and tools concerning the project (the method to apply in a project). 


Cultural tools

Overview of the contemporary furniture and design production
Expressive tools

Project communication
3D Digital Design – Rhinoceros
Graphic design – Adobe Photoshop
Technological and sensorial tools

Light design
Material technology
Design tools


Paola Lorenzoni

Marzio Dovera

Freelance Architect

Leandro Sgro

Service & Business Designer

Filippo Garofalo

Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer

Gisella Veronese

Interior Designer