Lighting Design Experience



Start date

January 2025




On campus


7 Months


2.250 €

Comprehensive training in lighting design, both theoretical and practical, to understand the role of light and its expressive potential in architecture and interior decoration.

Today, the Light Designer is a much sought-after figure who collaborates with architects and designers in creating environments where space and light, emotion and technique are in perfect balance. A professional who works in a variety of contexts, both private and public, to create atmosphere, enhance the beauty of spaces and harmonise furnishing elements. 

Thanks to a teaching methodology based on a hands-on approach, participants will develop technical and artistic skills to take care of even complex projects.  

Information to decide

Alternate technique and emotionality through the enhancement of light

The course is divided into two distinct parts. The first part will deal with the technical, emotional and psychological aspects related to the quality of light, with a focus on energy efficiency and a segment dedicated to the relationship between natural light and artificial light. 

In the second part, three practical projects with distinct characteristics will be addressed to understand how to treat and enhance each type of space.

In addition, there will be an in-depth look at LED light, to discover the technical-expressive possibilities of new-generation sources.

The course in Lighting Design Experience is designed for those who wish to acquire specific skills in the field of lighting design, either to enter the world of work in this sector or to further their professional knowledge. The course is aimed at professionals and designers who wish to specialise and enhance their CVs, but also at school leavers and graduates who want to increase their chances of gaining access to professional firms and companies in the sector.

The course offers an innovative and creative approach to lighting design, providing participants with the instrumental and artistic skills needed to create functional and engaging lighting environments.

If you are looking for a course with a vertical development approach that allows you to grow professionally, the following are five reasons why this programme is ideal for you:

●      You will gain in-depth knowledge of light sources and lighting equipment, with a focus on technological innovations in the sector;
●      You will explore emotional light and its declination in space, analysing the effects of light atmospheres on the subjects inhabiting the space;
●      You will discover how sustainable light can be used for the development of energy saving and dynamic control through electronic and home automation systems;
●      You will participate in workshops for the declination of light in space, with reference to the particular requirements of the intended use. Thanks to the course partner company iGuzzini, the Light Lab has been revamped, a space in which participants will be able to experiment with the various functions of different light bodies and light sources;
●      You will have the opportunity to learn from Light Designers and professionals with years of experience in the industry to understand not only technical knowledge, but also the dynamics and opportunities of your future career path.


The first part of the course focuses on the technical and sustainable competences of light, as well as its declination according to different architectural typologies, through the presentation of case histories by professionals from the sector. The final lessons, on the other hand, adopt a practical approach and involve exercises by the participants and the production of three final projects developed within the same space, reorganised according to different needs.


Beatrice Spirandelli

Francesco Chiodaroli

Riccardo Rocco

Lorenzo Bruscaglioni

Luca Moreni

Course partner