Design degli Interni 1



Start date

November 2023




On campus


8 Months


3.800 €

The aim of the Interior Design 1 course is to provide the necessary tools and knowledge to enter the world of interior design.

Interior design implies designing interior spaces, knowing how to organise spaces according to the clients’ needs, choosing and arranging the furniture, deciding the most appropriate colours and materials.

The Interior Design 1 course is conceived for people who have no previous experience in the field, and provides the tools needed to represent the final project: real and digital free-hand drawing, geometric drawing, axonometric and perspective representation, drawing and relief by means of dimensioning, and model making aimed at checking the design choices.
Also, the course will touch upon the disciplines that constitute the bases for an interior design project: from the history of design, which analyses the most important projects from the ‘20s to current trends, to the colour project and the choice of materials, which today are considered the most important aspects for the success of a project. Students will be introduced to the world of IT and will become confident users of computers and learn to use the software AutoCAD®, which until this day is the most commonly used programme for the creation of digital technical drawings, as well as the software SketchBook, used to perfect representation techniques.

All these disciplines will then be applied to the design experience where a teacher will accompany the students through all the phases of the project, and supported by the course on representation techniques and the course on model making, which will help students to best represent their projects.

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

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The structure of this course includes one preparatory year, during which the student acquires all the expressive tools (free-hand drawing, geometric drawing, drawing and relief, model making, introduction to computers, digital technical drawing, digital processing of graphics and images),cultural tools (an analytical knowledge of the evolution of art and design in the 20th century), technical and sensorial tools (sensorial perception and processes of material transformation), and tools concerning the project (the method to apply in a project).


Cultural tools
History of furniture and interior design
Expressive tools
Geometric drawing
Real life drawing
Drawing and relief
Model making for interior design
Representation techniques
Introduction to computers
Digital technical drawing – AutoCAD® 2D
Technological and sensorial tools
Construction technology
Design tools


Marina Del Monaco

Founding partner of Studio Del Monaco Lorenzoni    

Paola Lorenzoni

Filippo Protasoni

Owner of Design Studio Filippo Protasoni

Olga Salvoni

CMF Designer - Olga Salvoni Studio    

Patrizia Minuta

Riccardo Rivolta