3D Studio Max con VRay: Animazione e Rendering Fotorealistico



Start date

May 2023






2 Months


990 €

3D Studio Max®, produced by AutoDesk, constitutes a completely new approach to graphically viewing 3D models for architects and professional designers

The software allows you to create 3D models, static photorealistic images and animations with cinema quality; in other words, it makes it possible to make your design ideas concrete and communicate them. 3D Studio Max® is oriented specifically towards the field of architecture and design; in fact, it combines rendering engine, the modeller and light manager, materials and cameras with specific tools to create parametric architectural objects (doors, windows, staircases, land).

Furthermore, thanks to Mental Ray®, students can quickly create images realistic images of their creations using intuitive methods based on the real world.

Admission requirements: project experience in interior architecture or industrial design, knowledge of Windows OS, knowledge of two-dimensional and three-dimensional AutoCAD or of another modelling software.

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

Information to decide

Introduction to 3D Studio Max®, settings, views, use of the mouse, solid objects, move, copy, copies and instances.
Importing 3D models (Rhinoceros and Autocad), managing groups of objects.
Introduction to lights and the light system.
Standard lights advanced settings, Final Gather, Day Light System, managing lighting MR Sun and MR Sky.
Photometric lights and light properties, volumetric lights, video cameras.
The characteristics of rendering, render setup menu, basic modelling.
Extrusion and rotation objects, composed objects.
Architectural objects: stairs, walls, trees, standard materials, Mental Ray® materials, multiple materials.
Material Editor Menu
Creating the main materials (woods, metals, plastic, ceramics, glass, water, stone, concrete, fabrics, matte shadows, etc.)
Modelling modifiers, quality renderings.
Basic and advanced animation: controlling animations and objects with animation keys, with paths and hierarchy.
Advanced mappings with map transcription, shape and volume modifiers.
Product renderings, exterior renderings, interior renderings.
Setting the background and using the match camera, photo insertions.

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