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April 2025




On campus


3 Months

Course Coordination

Giusi Bellapadrona


2.800 €

This advanced course is intended to develop your skills and prepare you to become a professional in the interior design industry.

Furnishing is the art of arranging the right objects in the right way, in order to create a comfortable and beautiful environment.

Discover the advanced methods and tools necessary for becoming a top Interior Designer by enrolling in what is more than just a course in Interior Design. This course is designed to provide you with practical knowledge and enhance your creative ability in order to reach a new level of professional awareness required to create an interior theme in its various phases.

As an all-round specialist, you will be able to comprehend the changes in the industry and offer sound advice on the various specific aspects of furnishing solutions, the study of light, and the selection of finishes.

After developing an initial idea, you will be able to develop an interior design project through the study of both spatial and furnishing elements. You will work with the graphic representation of the project, using both 2D and 3D software, and with modelling, using numerically controlled machines.

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Learn how to communicate and execute a project concept clearly and comprehensively.

The real challenge for an Interior Designer is to understand how to insert and place the different elements of an interior to enhance the quality of the relationship between people and space. Through this course, you will develop the fundamental skills necessary to create an excellent project from conception to completion.

In order to ensure comprehensive training, general contents are complemented by more specific ones. You will be introduced to the world of interior and furniture design, delving into graphic representation, modelling, and material as well as lighting design.

It is a challenging experience, an intensive journey to learn how to set up your own method and express your own language.

If you have a strong foundation in interior design and wish to deepen your understanding of design issues, creative and technological tools, then this is the course for you. It is necessary to possess a thorough understanding of certain subjects, such as geometric drawing and the use of 2D AutoCAD.

Ideal for those who have attended Interior Design 1, as a continuation and completion of the course.

Lecturers have extensive experience in the field. They will transfer their knowledge through case histories and real-life examples.

Whether you are designing a home, work space, or a commercial building, you will learn how to develop an interior design project that meets even the most demanding requirements. In order to be able to address issues of varying complexity, opportunities, constraints, and possibilities will be evaluated.

In this course, you have the opportunity to learn about made-to-measure furniture components, both stationary and movable, from the design sketch to the design definition. As part of the workshop lessons, you will gain a deeper understanding of techniques for making models with greater definition and complexity.

Lastly, you will discover the principles behind proper lighting design and learn about useful tools for utilising light in an indoor environment carefully and effectively.


The course is structured in modules in order to effectively convey the skills required in the interior design industry today. Starting with interior and furniture design, you will discover the potential of graphic representation and modelling. Additionally, you will be able to develop material and lighting designs.

Technical expertise is combined with creative inspiration to build and enhance your professional profile from the very beginning.


Giusi Bellapadrona


Giulio Gualtieri

Paolo Di Pasquale

Francesca Delicato

Architect and Designer