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November 2024


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1 Year

Course Coordination

Luca Bartoleschi

Get to know the methods and techniques for making jewellery products that tell a story of tradition and innovation. This is what awaits you with the English-language Master's Course in Jewellery Design at IED Roma

The jewellery industry has long attracted the interest of an entire world of culture, with studies, research and much attention being paid to it on both historical and anthropological sides. This is precisely because jewels today are used to tell stories, desires and identities.  Making jewellery means opening doors to a human ancestral desire to reveal one’s value and sense of achievement, as a way to represent oneself and the society.

Today, becoming a jewellery designer means learning how to create and make jewels. To do this, knowledge of different types of materials is just necessary. You need to know how to use them, understand all their limits and how best to work with them. The Master's Course in Jewellery Design at IED Roma will provide you with a general, cross-industry overview of the different market trends, covering everything from luxury to contemporary jewellery, and with a focus on global business dynamics.

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A study programme combining methods, techniques and project design skills to train up successful jewellery designers of the future

The English-language Master's in Jewellery Design at IED Roma is a practice-based training programme, that will help you enhance your skills through both theory and real-life experience in designing new jewellery collections. 

Over the eleven months of your Master's Course, you will be provided with broad and in-depth training opportunities. We will start with studying creative design methods for jewellery design, then we will delve into manual and digital tools for technical drawing. You will also practise goldsmithing techniques in a real goldsmith’s workshop, and deepen your knowledge of advanced design software tools and rapid prototyping techniques. . 

You will put yourself to the test with projects based on real case studies and briefs. You will enjoy your training as you delve into cutting-edge skills and working methods used in jewellery making.

The course will eventually be completed with a dissertation project. You will be able to produce and market your own jewellery collection where you will express and convey your identity as a designer. You will become a Jewellery Designer who can translate a vision into jewellery and make it come alive.

The English-language Master's Course in Jewellery Design at IED Roma has been designed specifically to meet the demand of students and professionals from the jewellery industry, who need to get specialist training and develop their know-how through new approaches to research and design.

Pre-requisites to access the course include an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification level. A minimum of two years of professional experience in the field is also acceptable. The course is delivered in English, so you need to have a language proficiency of level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

If you have a desire and motivation to move into the world of jewellery design, if you have a passion for beauty and enjoy designing jewellery, if your dream is to create your own brand, then this course is definitely the best option to take.

The English-language Master's Course in Jewellery Design at IED Roma provides an international learning experience with students and lecturers coming each year from all over the world. This is actually what makes it such a special and valuable opportunity for exchange, interaction and dialogue. 

The training path is organised in such a way to cover all aspects of the work of a Jewellery Designer. You start from concept and move on to get to know all production and distribution details of jewellery and collections. Special emphasis will also be placed on such subjects as Marketing and Product Communication, as these are crucial factors for standing out in the jewellery business, where most of the products look like one another and making a difference is often very hard to achieve. This is why we will encourage you to design original jewellery that conveys your identity and style as a key asset to stand out in this industry.

With full support from a highly experienced faculty, who will be there to assist you as you develop professionally, you will learn how to best approach all steps of jewellery creation and making. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to design creations of high jewellery, fine jewellery and precious watches.

In addition to conventional learning you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences and visits to some of the top companies and exhibitions in the industry. Specifically, the study plan also includes a visit to Vicenzaoro, the largest Gold and Jewellery tradeshow in Europe, where you will meet the leading players in the jewellery industry and get a close look at the latest trends and innovations in terms of style and design.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

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Study programme

The Master's Course in Jewellery Design at IED Roma runs for 11 months. Over your time here, you will study in depth vocational subjects such as High Jewellery and Gemmology, expanding your training with specific lab sessions on Watch Design, as well as Industrial and Serial Jewellery Design. The Advanced 3D Design course will cover digital jewellery modelling and prototyping, combined with work on product reproducibility for both jewellery and luxury products.

The Master's Course also includes such subjects as Communication and Branding or Visual Communication and Packaging, These will help you understand the whole project design process, covering everything from brand identity to market presentation, on-line sales and in-store display. You will also be taking part in workshops, tradeshows, exhibitions and factory visits that will provide you with an overall picture of the industry.


Luca Bartoleschi

Jewelry Designer

Course Coordinator

Ming Cheng

Maria Raissa Risivi

Giuseppe Massoni

Industrial Designer

Amanda Triossi

Paolo Mangano

Jewelry Designer

Rita Sassu

Researcher and Professor of Classical Archaeology

Roberta Fontana


Anna Neri


Piero De Stefano


Dino Salvatico