Start date

March 2025






4 Months

Course Coordination

Alessandra Montanaro


1.650 €

The advanced virtual design course that teaches you how to present your digital outfits

To gain modelling, rendering, and digital visualisation skills 

The fashion world is increasingly adopting cutting-edge digital technologies for the design of new products and their exhibition on the market. As a result, thanks to their highly specialised training, professionals with expertise in 3D Fashion Design are able to offer extraordinary skills that go well beyond the field of garment modelling, and extend into the realm of generating extremely complex, yet evocative and hyper-realistic, digital images. 

For this reason, IED aims to train professionals who are capable of independently completing entirely virtual fashion design projects. In particular, this course is designed to help participants develop in-depth skills with CLO3D, DAZ3D and Blender, the three main software packages used respectively for the creation of digital clothing prototypes, avatar customisation, generic 3D modelling, and realistic rendering of materials and possible environments.   

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Complete your very own creative virtual fashion design project 

The Advanced 3D Fashion Design course consists of 3 parts, each designed to prepare the participants for the next, and concludes with the completion of a final work project. After gaining familiarity with the DAZ3D viewport and learning how to create and customise their own avatars, the participants will delve into the functions of the CLO3D software, with the aim of creating complete, detailed, and extremely realistic outfits.

They will then learn the technical skills needed to use the Blender software, which will allow them to create realistic effects for textiles and organic materials (such as skin and hair). Finally, after having determined the artistic orientation of the final project, they will learn how to compose their high quality rendering.  

The course is intended for designers and modellers in the fashion industry, and students and recent graduates in fashion design, who are interested in applying their skills in the areas of modelling, rendering, and digital visualisation.  

A minimal amount of initial experience with CLO3D is required to create a garment using the software, and the use of Photoshop and Illustrator is also recommended, as is a basic knowledge of modelling. 

The Advanced 3D Fashion Design course teaches participants how to use and interact with the main 3D software applications in the fashion industry, which are in high demand on the job market. 

Thanks to their newly acquired technical and digital skills, participants will be able to create striking, innovative, and cutting-edge images to represent their projects in a highly effective manner. 


The course consists of 3 separate training modules dedicated to the following: DAZ3D for avatar creation, CLO3D for outfit creation, and Blender for the Rendering and Compositing of the final project.  


Alessandra Montanaro

Fashion Consultant

Course Coordinator

Matteo Pizzo

Art Director & Graphic Designer