Start date

November 2024




On campus


7 Months

Course Coordination

Antonio La Grotta


3.080 €

The ideal course for developing your own creative sensitivity and a critical view of photographic imagery

Gain specific training in the main techniques and languages used in contemporary photography  

The course is coordinated by Antonio La Grotta, and is taught by professional photographers working in various fields: documentary photography, digital post-processing, landscape photography, and still life. 

The highly practical lessons are divided into educational outings, portrait sessions in the photo studio, and reportages in the local area to gain first-hand experience.  

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Learn to tell stories and express your point of view through photography.

The programme is structured in a modular and design-oriented way to offer comprehensive photography training from a technical, cultural and stylistic perspective. 

The course delves into the specifics of the camera, the different photographic languages, and the most commonly used photography and editing techniques.  

During the course of the lessons, particular emphasis will be placed on professional analogue and digital printing (in the darkroom and in specialised workshops, respectively), as well as the creation of a personal portfolio, creating different layouts using specific layout software.  

The course is intended for anyone who wants to learn professional photography skills.  

The aim of the Photography course is to enhance and develop the skills, creativity, and style of every participant. In particular, it includes: 

·       Full access to the IED laboratories photo studio and darkroom, in order to give everyone the opportunity to practise the different photography techniques; 
·       The basics of Adobe Photoshop, an indispensable photography post-processing tool;  
·       Educational outings aimed at inspiring the students’ personal projects, as well as for putting the different techniques studied in class into practice;  
·       The creation of a photographic publishing project, delving into the editing process, and the printing and self-publishing methods; 
·       The possibility of joining a network of professionals active in the sector


The curriculum consists of various modules: Photo Literacy, History of Photography, Photographic Language Education, Photographic Techniques, Digital Photography, Digital Printing, Desktop Publishing, and Dummy Photos. 


Antonio La Grotta

Freelance photographer

Course Coordinator

Edoardo Piva

Bruno Nardini

Freelance photographer

Alessandro Albert

Dario Bosio

Co-founder and Artistic Director of DARST Projects

Enzo Obiso

Director of PHOS - Centro per la Fotografia e le Arti Visive di Torino

Laura Cantarella

Avocado Studio

Enrica Lamia

Angelo Candiano

Thomas Guiducci

Federico Botta

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