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The Product Design Course (1 year) prepares students to take their first steps in product design in an introduction to the techniques, processes and methodologies of this discipline.

This course provides access to IED Madrid’s master’s degree programmes and to the job market for those who are starting their professional career. This course concentrates several years of study into one, offering a unique benefit to students.

Este curso también se imparte en español: Curso Semestral en Diseño de Producto

  • Start date
    October 2020
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Attendance
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IED in Hong Kong at DesignInspire 2019

IED will be part of the “Italian Education Corner” designed by HERE Connecting Creativity at Hong Kong’s DesignInspire. IED will welcome all the young talents interested in its courses and, moreover, it will provide a VR station that allow the exploration of several Italian cultural heritage sites.

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Training Areas

Fundamentals of the creative process: block that introduces students to the creative process in a cross-cutting manner by presenting the conceptual fundamentals of design and project methodology. Various types of research are used to acquire a strategic vision, students are introduced to sustainable and systemic thinking, and culture, sociology and art are discussed.

Labs: block introducing students to the specific concepts of the speciality, such as ergonomics, materials, production systems etc. through practical workshops.

Tools - Manual: block for learning about the manual resources of a designer: techniques for expression and communication, such as drawing, colour and modelling (FabLab).

Tools - Digital: block for learning about digital tools for communication, representation and 3D modelling.