16 May 2023

One student's team from the School of Communication at IED Milano and another one from IED Torino were awarded two bronze Young Pencils in New York City for their project “Smiling Plates” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Verizon”.

Through Young Ones Student Awards, The One Club for Creativity aims to identify the best young creative talent from around the world in a variety of creative disciplines. For the occasion, the organization challenged IED Milano and IED Torino Communication Design students to create a strategy for different clients. 

On this occasion, IED worked on a proposal for Verizon to design a brand awareness campaign around the United States, not only to get the population to know its services as wireless plans and phones but also accessories and home-tech accessories. 

IED Milano proposed “Smiling Plates” for Verizon, a campaign in collaboration with Amazon with a coupon coding activity for costumers of the smartphone and telecommunications company. “Our idea is turning Amazon’s delivery vehicles license plates into coupon codes to receive discounts and buy high-tech accessories from Verizon at one of its many stores”, explains the students.

The proposal's aim is to challenge people to find an Amazon truck around the US cities, take a picture of the vehicle license plate and bring the photo in one of many Verizon stores in the country. Doing that, they will receive a discount for one of many high-tech accessories available in all Verizon stores. The camping contains provocative billboards around the country, after a social media launch with the same provocative strategy. 


Team members “Smiling Plates”

Copywriter - Davide Bellomia

Art Director - Alessia Plazzotta, Matthias Maiello, Jacopo Santilli, Alessandro Marchetto


“You’ve got a Friend in Verizon” was the proposal from IED Torino. Students from the Undergraduate Course in Communication Design have ideated an integrated communication campaign starting from a precise and shared insight: "When traveling, it can happen that you forget essential objects at home".

The idea was to position Verizon as a "friend" who supports its customers by offering them an exclusive service: renting the same accessories for a few days free of charge that they purchased in one of the 6,300 Verizon Stores in the USA.

Team members “You’ve got a Friend in Verizon”

Federica Ruffinatto, Sofia Pasquero and Susanna Satta.


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