16 October 2023

1 silver and 5 bronzes. Here are the projects of IED Milano students of the Undergraduate course in Communication Design and of the Master course in Creative Direction who won in the last edition of ADCI Awards

Victory of six projects of IED Milano in the last edition of the ADCI AWARDS, the award that for years celebrates creative excellence in Italian advertising communication.


The students of the Master course in Communication Design, coordinated by Ruggero Faggioni, Cinzia Piloni, Marcello Boromei and Lorenzo Picchiotti, were awarded a silver and three bronzes respectively with the following projects:

Smiling Plates  X Verizon, project by Davide Bellomia, Alessandro Marchetto, Matthias Maiello, Jacopo Santilli and Alessia Plazzotta. Followed by the teachers Federica Scalona and Francesca Nepote. 

What The Hell   X Diablo, project by Simone Migliavacca, Nicola Maggi, Eduardo Pellegrino, Sofia Motta, Emanuele Parodi and Girija Ponti. Followed by the teachers Federica Scalona and Francesca Nepote. 

Once Upon a Lie  X Peta, project by Giulia Belia, Margherita Brachi, Guglielmo Ceretti, Umberto Gastaldi and Francesca Mariani. Followed by the teachers Lorenzo Picchiotti and Fabio Pedroni. 

Lapin  X Peta, project by Renata Nava, Greta Rabensteiner, Celeste Scaramuzzo, Arianna Tomasiello and Sara Vescovo. Followed by the teachers Federica Scalona and Francesca Nepote. 


The students of the Postgraduate course in Creative Direction, coordinated by Jack Blanga, were awarded two bronzes for the following projects: 

The Unpleasant Collection  X Heinz, project by Teodora Volume and Giulia Conoscenti. 

Independence is Forever  X De Beers, project by Alessia Caldana and Celeste Pagnini



ADCI AWARDS are an incredible opportunity for future communication specialists. To support this, will follow the words of 
Francesco Taddeucci, President of the 2023 edition: «What I will remember the most about this edition is probably the quality and the quantity of students's works. I believe that promote a productive and healthy environment for these young professionists is a responsibility of the all agencies. Without making them change their mind about the beautiful opinion they now have of our profession».


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