Laurea Triennale in Product Design - IED Cagliari



Start date

October 2024


Full time


On campus


3 Years



Course Coordination

Marco Verde

Learn to design unique, inclusive and sustainable products, acquire a new way of thinking with the Product Design course in Cagliari.

You will discover and learn about materials, tools and production processes, develop a personal awareness and experience unexpected creativity that will allow you to design original and innovative products

You will therefore find yourself discovering and building new relationships between materials, design, art, sociology, anthropology and industrial production that will help you understand and interpret evolutionary phenomena and map out your future career path step by step.

It will also be through a humanistic view of technology that you will acquire an informed outlook to deal with rapid and constantly changing contexts and needs, guiding you towards responsible and meaningful production.


After the course, a First Level Academic Diploma is issued. It is recognised by MUR - Italian Ministry of University and Research - and has the same legal value of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Information to decide

Become the driving force behind a new way of doing design, open to confrontation with the market and capable of shaping possible futures. The Product Design course is a programme for those who like to think, design, and construct with their own hands or by using technology.

The Undergraduate Programme in Product Design at IED Cagliari aims to provide cultural, methodological, technical and technological knowledge applied to the development of projects, as students are given the opportunity to work closely with industry, sharing experience with the manufacturing and cultural environment.

You will be part of a vast laboratory of shared know-how growing year after year as a result of continuous interaction between all the IED schools. Your knowledge will be combined with related skills, while through learning and sharing you will be able to build solid foundations for projects of increasing complexity.

You will acquire knowledge, learn a method and develop technical skills that you will translate into projects. You will put yourself to the test working with real customers, designing on your own or as a team with your classmates. You will develop teamwork skills and build connections, learning about design in its many facets and being able to manage projects both independently and as part of a team.

Anyone who is driven by a passion for design and feels the urge to create products that can be relevant to a rapidly changing society and offer practical solutions to the need for more sustainable manufacturing.

The programme offers stimuli and skills that are essential for modernising traditional companies and for new business ventures or for incorporation into established businesses.

Starting from the beginning, we experiment with digital production technologies and methods, design on different scales, to arrive ready, at the end of the three-year period, to make an important contribution to the design world.

The programme aims to form a part of a new season of Product Design that stimulates genuine and original innovation capable of fully expressing the value of thought and design, technology and manual skills.

The three-year course will involve significant character-building and exploration, where research from the outset is a project tool, as is the construction of prototypes throughout the course.

The distance between you and the labour market will be reduced as you move from one project to the next. Your lecturers, selected from among the best professionals in the creative industry and from some of the most innovative sectors worldwide, will be at your side to help you develop your project ideas.

To complete this journey, the IED Cagliari school offers spaces, workshops and specialised teaching staff, in a city where, although working or studying at an intense pace, it is always possible to find amazing places to devote time to oneself, perhaps in contact with nature. This is as important for personal well-being as it is for creativity, because it offers a rich imagery that can tangibly influence the new generation of designers who will pass through our classrooms.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 


With an experimental and research-based approach, you will be stimulated to design through thinking, drawing and constructing in an integrated manner.

The matter takes centre stage throughout the study programme. We entrust future designers with the task of listening to the matter and exploring its innovative uses, even reinventing the production systems of objects or the use of materials.

Production techniques and technologies, both traditional and digital, are not only functional to production; we will discover how to make them a factor capable of triggering new ways of thinking about the product, its use and its life. We will analyse innovative uses for traditional materials.

YEAR 1 - AWARENESS-RAISING - “Everyone sees what they know”

YEAR 2 - STRATEGIES AND PROCESSES - The new role of the designer beyond the idea

YEAR 3 - DESIGN STUDIOS - Path to practice


Marco Verde

Course Coordinator

Maurizio Bosa



Annalisa Cocco


Alessandro Cortes

Graphic designer


Emanuele Tarducci

Architect and Interaction Designer    


Alessandro Serri


Ferdinando Bifulco



Matteo Congiu

Product Designer     


Lucia Logiudice


Alfonso Loi