19 September 2022

From September 21 to 25, IED will participate in the 4th edition of CADi 2022: Pluriversos, organized by the Faculty of Art and Design of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP).

CADi is an annual Design congress thought from Latin America that integrates Dissemination and Research and seeks to link professionals, researchers, academics, companies, institutions, students, and anyone interested in Design as a means of culture and development in the region. CADi proposes to present a central theme to its identity, from the Pluriverse approach as an alternative model of making the world and making design, thinking and acting from Latin America, and declaring the reality of "a world where many worlds fit: a world where every worlds coexist with respect and dignity, and that are enriched every time it embraces its pluriversal nature.” In this way, CADi addresses and understands the value of Latin American Design and its contribution to humanity.”


CADi 2022 will be 100% free, and will take place entirely virtually with some presence activities, from Wednesday September 21 to Sunday September 25, and consists of five main events in which you can obtain certificates issued by the PUCP for your participation:

- Latin American Design and Development Panels

-Glocal Talks


-Expo-Diverse Dialogue

-CADi Awards

IED is a strategic partner in this congress and participates in the Glocal Talks through presentations in the field of Design + Government (Governance) by the participation of Idoia García de Cortázar, Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Design for Change and Design of Services for the Silver Economy at IED Kunsthal Bilbao- Spain, who will talk about design projects linked to the public health system. Isabel Urbano, Director of the Master Programs at IED Kunsthal Bilbao- Spain, will speak about Design and its link with the city. In addition, IED will recognize the talent of Latin American Designers at the 2022 CADi Awards, awarding scholarships to the winners, for the 2023 European IED summer programs.

CADi Awards are intended to recognize the dedication, skills and critical thinking of students from the various design schools in Latin America. The winners will receive a series of prizes, internships and mentorships offered by CADi partner companies and centers, which will allow them to forcefully insert themselves in the professional world of design both worldwide and in Latin America.


If you want to participate, go to the event website to register and access all the congress events 

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