23 March 2022

The 2022 edition is being held under the theme ‘Re-Generation, Design and new technologies for a sustainable future’.

Once again, IED Barcelona Design School will open its doors to the Italian Design Day, which this year, in its 6th edition, will be celebrated on 23 March in over 100 cities simultaneously.

The 2022 edition of this annual event, dedicated to Made in Italy and promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Ministry of Culture, is being held under the theme ‘Re-Generation, Design and new technologies for a sustainable future’ in the hope to inspire the entities and students participating in the event.

The Consulate General of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute of Barcelona are collaborating in Italian Design Day 2022, which will also see the participation of final-year students from the schools Liceo Italiano di Barcellona and Liceo Chierici di Reggio Emilia. The involvement of the schools and their students is the result of the importance of design as a tool for change, as underlined by the Hon. Consul General of Italy in Barcelona, Emanuele Manzitti: “Design is an important tool for shaping the future and building an increasingly better world for younger generations”.

Taking the idea that “There is no future without the daily experimentation of one’s own future” as a starting point, IED Barcelona is offering young, pre-university level students an experiential workshop on “self-projects” and digital production, inspired by the Italian Designer Enzo Mari (1932-2020), with the main objective to bring participants closer to experimentation in design through new digital technological media.

Without a doubt, new digital production technologies mark the path towards a viable and sustainable future; yet, more than ever, design needs to be re-thought and designed by people. “Involving young people in the design experience may be the best way to convey a modus operandi that goes beyond hearing a story or seeing images”, asserts Raffaella Perrone, Director of the Design Area at IED Barcelona.

“The regeneration of product, space, service and communication systems, which today are gaining increasing importance transversally, across all areas of human experience, needs to be inspired by a set of universal values that prioritise the centrality of the human being in a sustainable, inclusive and distributed way”, stresses Alessandro Manetti, President and CEO of IED in Spain, who will address the audience during the closing of the Italian Design Day event at IED Barcelona. 



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