20 May 2016

Successful exhibitions: how to enhance the value of products with lighting, harmony between product and context, repetition, the interaction of the senses, visual emphasis and a unique style.

Every product has its own charms. Sometimes though, this charm could be destroyed by a bad exposition. After our journey in Salone del Mobile 2016, we found essential points to increase the value of the product.

Play of Lights

A crucial element in the world of exhibitions, lighting, especially for transparent and translucent products. To make products light up and glow, increasing the quality of the product itself. Most commonly used are spotlights to light up and give focus to the object. An interesting application is to mix lights with color, creating a play of shadows and projection, instantly bringing the space to life. The COS x Sou Fujimoto is an exceptional example, where they succeeded in creating an ethereal light effect by the play of lights and smoke.

Background VS Foreground

It is important to have a harmony between the product and the context site, especially if the site has a strong visual power. That happened at Università Degli Studi di Milano, where there was a beautiful heritage building as the background, with a contrasting contemporary object as the foreground, looking estranged . Contrast is good, but it needs to have a relation either in proportion, color, even materials. Be careful when you mix the old with the new !

Repetition for Impression

As simple as it sounds, repetition is very useful to create lasting impressions. One of the fascinating example was the 50 Manga Chair Exhibition by Nendo, in Brera. The thought of the designer was to place in geometry a mass of chairs on a plain white stone platform. This action created a statement in the hearts of people who came to view the exhibition.

Interaction of Senses

Exhibitions should be an interaction between the product and people which is taken to a whole new level when they take the people as one of the main actors.  As they invite the viewers; considering the human senses, to see, hear, feel, smell, and even taste; it would stimulate the people more, creating lasting memory.

Eyecatching Emphasis

A good case with the exposition is to make a strong first impression to the viewers. Arper, stood out nicely at the Salone Del Mobile 2016. They were very eyecatching with their display using a gradient background of a single warm yellow color, “pushing” the product, the white chairs, to stand out more in front of the customers.

One of a Kind Style

Every brand has their own style. It is used to show their personality and character to engage with the people. Leclettico, an interior design studio at San Gregorio, adapted this fairytale-like setting by placing a variety of objects randomly on the walls and floor. Combined with a green grass floor, strong natural lighting, and a dynamic huge painting at the back, the exhibition gave a fresh, happy, and cozy feeling, inviting the viewers to spend more time at the space.

All the points above will help you to increase the charm of your products and help to make a lasting impression in the hearts of your customers.


Natasja Handajuwana, IED Student

Sebastian Owczarek, IED Student

Shivang Malhotra, IED Student

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