Comienza el año académico postgraduate en el IED Barcelona


10 October 2023

The students worked on designs to solve social impact challenges based on SDGs

The 2023-24 postgraduate academic year at IED Barcelona began with “Designing for the Many”, a multidisciplinary workshop to solve social impact challenges based on SDGs.

Presented by Giulia Sonetti on 5 October, the workshop was attended by students from the Master’s programmes in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Communication and Interior Design for Hotels, Gastronomic and Commercial Spaces.

The official welcome ceremony for all the courses was organised by the academic board and it took place the following day, 6 October, attended by the students of the Master in Brand Design for Hospitality and the postgraduate courses in Design and Management of Events and Footwear Design.

During the welcome, Andrea Marchesi, Director of IED Barcelona, highlighted the international nature of the master’s students as a very positive value and differential factor that enhances learning and encourages the creation of a large network of contacts. Networking opportunities that students have already begun to experience from the very first moment of their educational journey at the IED.

Marina Ojan, Director of the Master’s Department at IED Barcelona, welcomed them from an academic perspective and encouraged the students’ trust, given that the IED provides them with the opportunity to take risks in a safe space where a top-notch academic team monitors their learning.

Finally, Clara Guasch, Director of Girbau Lab and guest speaker on this occasion, shared with those in attendance concepts related to the world of design in order to inspire students based on a systemic, critical view of the world around us.


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