11 May 2021

“Nowadays respect of the environment became a number one priority, especially for car companies”.

After graduating in Transportation Design at 2010 in IED Torino, his passion with mobility has never stop. Quentin Amore currently works as a Senior Exterior Designer in Maserati (Stellantis) and has worked on the design process of cars like Levante, Ghibli, GranLusso and GranSport, as well as concept carts such as Alfieri Concept.

He studied and currently lives in Turin: “By studying at IED I really learnt what the design process of car design was, and still is, the Italian way. The strong link between Italy and design history made me realize how fortunate I was to study what I loved in this particular city, Torino. When you think of car design, Turin is the city you want to be in”.

Read his whole interview here.

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