IED Network

May 27, 2020

IED for its students: financial aids, render farm and access to the workshops

IED presents a plan in favour of its students to ensure that, in view of the end of the academic year, the quality of their studies in the second semester remains high, even from remote. The initiatives adopted by IED supplement those activated for Smart School, acting on two fronts. On one hand, we wish to
ensure that all students can complete their respective studies without delays or omissions, also integrating those activities – typical of a school of crafts – which require access to laboratories, equipment and specific softwares. Furthemore, a plan of economic aid will be made available to families affected by the crisis and it will be aimed at supporting the studies of students.

The system provides a Render Farm service that enables students to outsource final rendering
work, which requires higher processing power than that available on standard PCs at home. The virtual lab service, moreover, is available for students to connect from any personal device to one of the machines in IED labs and use their full power and all of the software available, with no need to install anything on the own device. Finally, IED will allow students to borrow materials and specific course equipment from the different locations, access jobbing services (such as for example for the jewellery design course) and to some laboratories (such as the recording room for sound design courses).  The access to the locations will always respect the Government’s health and safety regulations.

The Dissertations will be held remotely. In addition, to ensure that all students can graduate on time, the ordinary summer session will start on 13 July and continue until 30 September, after a break in August.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Pro-family Institute of the BPM banking group, it will be possible to access an interest-free loan extended from six to ten months, and the interest expense on these loans will be borne entirely by IED. Students whose families are experiencing proven financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 emergency will be awarded reduced tuition fees. In addition, all students who re-register by 30 June will receive certain benefits, including those students who will take out the interest-free loan. Students registering for the first year will obtain benefits for early registration, such as the Early Bird discount, interest-free loans and a call for scholarships dedicated to high-performing students, again to support families in difficulty.

IED has the objective to resume the academic year 2020/21 with a distance-learning teaching integrated with face-to-face activities, in full compliance with the rules and ensuring personal safety, extend the Render Farm and virtual laboratory services and implement a broader project to redesign spaces at our locations and how we use them.