IED Social: diseño solidario por Sant Jordi IED Barcelona ASTE


23 April 2024

'Rosas de Sant Jordi' is an initiative that shares the activities students carry out within the school with the neighbourhood and the city, generating a positive social impact through design

In line with its commitment to contribute to building a more empathetic and inclusive society, connecting generations through creativity and design, for the third year in a row, IED Barcelona has taken part in the initiative Rosas de Sant Jordi.

The activity is part of the project IED Social, in collaboration with ASTE Barcelona, an organisation that promotes volunteering among young people. On this occasion, the aim of the proposal was for elderly residents in three care homes in the Gracia neighbourhood to receive roses accompanied by prints designed by students from different disciplines of the school during this popular celebration.

This year, students distributed almost a hundred flowers, thus sharing the work they carry out in the classroom with the neighbourhood and its residents, in a demonstration of how design can generate a positive social impact.

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