152 scholarships covering the total amount or part of the tuition fees

IED launches the IED Design Talent Scholarships as an opportunity to access the university-level courses it offers in the three seats in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao). The call is an opportunity for young talents with a clear potential for design to access university-level qualifications.

Contest closed 

Academic Offer

I Corsi in Promozione

Brand Management and Communication (inglese)
Design – Innovation, Strategy and Product (inglese)
Fashion Communication and Styling (inglese)
Fashion Design (inglese)
Fashion Marketing (inglese)
Interior Design (inglese)

User Experience Design (Milano e Roma)

Brand Management (italiano)
Comunicazione e Marketing per la Moda (italiano)
Digital Art Direction (italiano) 
Exhibit Design (italiano)
Jewelry Design (inglese)

User Experience Design (italiano) - Milano e Roma
Arts Management (inglese) - Firenze e Roma

Graphic Design – Focus on New Media (inglese)
Fashion Business (inglese)

Brand Design and Management – Food, Wine and Tourism (inglese) - Firenze e Barcellona
Arts Management (inglese) - Firenze e Roma

Transportation Design (inglese)
Yacht Design (inglese)

Textiles (inglese)
Professione Registrar (italiano)