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Everyone likes a good story – and communication is full of them! The CSP in Brand Storytelling shapes a new generation of communicators: communicators who know how to analyse the target's characteristics, create a strategy and choose the right media on which to launch a powerful story that resonates with potential consumers in a transmedia world.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    April 2020
  • Duration
    3 months
  • Attendance
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- To teach students that every brand has a story to tell, whether its a momentary tale or an ongoing brand narrative.

- To show students how to plan, create and develop brand strategies based on transmedia storytelling. These strategies build a bond with the target through significant and powerful narratives, especially drawing on the digital world and new technological opportunities.

- To equip students with the specific tools they will need to analyse brands, their surroundings and the competition.

- To design distinctive and distinguishing communication strategies and produce creative multi‑channel proposals in line with those strategies. 


Guided by their teachers and specialised professionals in each field and based on briefings by real clients, the students will start by analysing the brand and its context before planning a strategy and carrying it through to produce creative actions. To ensure optimal results, the team of teachers and professionals includes experts in strategic planning, media, new technologies and creativity.


- Graphic designers and other designers in fields such as multimedia, visual and audiovisual communication, web design, product design or design management who understand the complexity of the information this profile handles.

- Graduates in Communication Sciences, journalists and other professionals interested in exploring such a naturally multidiscipline field as information design and data visualisation.

- Communication professionals wishing to learn how to manage brands and campaigns in a multi‑channel and highly digitised world. This ranges from working or newly graduated creative advertising professionals looking to take on a more strategic approach to creative briefing, to generally any professional linked to a corporate communication department. It also includes freelancers, entrepreneurs and start‑uppers who intend to build strong brand identities that stand out on the market.


Upon completion of the course and depending on each student's prior experience, career options may include:

- Graphic designers specialising in storytelling

- Journalists who can offer their specific expertise thanks to the lessons learned on the course alongside groups of multidiscipline creators

- Communication professionals with experience in multi‑channel campaigns.

Duration and frequency

Start: April 27th 2020
Frequency: 3 months 
Timetable: Tuesday, Thursday and alternative Friday from 18.30h to 22.40h

* The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Master issues private degrees.