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The Product Designer is concerned with the creation and design of products for industry. This professional is capable of initiating the process of innovation in all of its facets: creative, esthetic, social and technological. His role is in fact, that of understanding and foreseeing the needs of the market, put them into the context of the organization and translate them into a concrete project for eventual production on an industrial scale. His design culture must be vast, covering theoretical aspects as well as specific technical aspects of the project.

Professional opportunities: Product Designer, Concept Designer, Art Director, System Designer, Research Assistant for materials, components, technical devices.

Title - The First Level Academic Diploma is recognized by MIUR (Ministry for Education, University and Research) and equated with the Bachelor’s Degree issued by Universities.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    October 2022
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Attendance
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The course program is concerned with an important reality in the panorama of Italian and international industry: packaging design, which is used to present, protect and communicate all of the objects and food products we buy and which has a fundamental role in the commercial success of a product. The area of design undertakes the complexity of packaging, working out the technical aspects, function and form, with the knowledge that the choices made by the designer must offer solutions to the environmental problems, combining the commercial strategy with sustainability.

The first year Product Design is dedicated to the teaching of the fundamentals, the basic training regarding the culture, the tools and the rules which distinguish and characterize a project based approach.

The second year concentrates on the methods and assisted project design. The student acquires knowledge and competence in specific professional areas, through practical experiences, the study of technical disciplines and characteristics of the culture, with particular attention given to the evolution of the context, the markets and the language used.

The third year is dedicated to an advanced design project in a professional setting, gaining experience in what is required of a professional designer in various fields.

The final thesis project is both complex and detailed, carried out in collaboration with organizations and companies who work together with the European Design Institute and who are looking for original and innovative solutions.

The students are encouraged to become completely autonomous, capable of making coherent decisions based on reasoning, to demonstrate relationship skills and to assume precise responsibilities. The semi-professional experience represents for the graduates a ‘special advantage’ upon entering the work force. The training is carried out by professionals from various business sectors; in this way the highly fluid transitions we see in the real world job markets both nationally and internationally, can find an immediate connection with the students participating in these up to date and relevant courses.

The outline as described above constitutes the obligatory program which all students must complete and upon which the exams or other forms of verification will be based. During the three year program, there is the possibility to participate in design workshops, cultural seminars, contests, conferences, special projects, and company and factory visits. Participation in these activities is in addition to the study plan of which they are an integral part. Just as in the same way, the other organized activities, both personal and in the laboratory, constitute an integral part of the course.