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1st edition – The Master in Registrar Profession*, in partnership with the Registrarte association, trains a key professional figure in the wider panorama of the management of artistic heritage, capable of evaluating the material, structural and value characteristics of the works as well as the complexity of their handling. A course that will allow professionals to place themselves in the organization chart of museums, foundations, cultural institutions, galleries, and private collections, with an articulated and transversal competence, which will allow those who attend it to interact with museum directors, with the Superintendency, with curators, artists, museum conservators, restorers, collectors and set-up and handling companies.

 * First Level Master's Degree (awaiting ministerial authorization)



  • Start date
    January 2022
  • Duration
    11 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

Target - This Master’s program is aimed at people holding diplomas or university degrees in the field of arts and culture (for example: Art History, Aesthetics, Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage), as well as restorers, conservators, archaeologists, curators, and architects from Academies of Fine Arts. It is also aimed at law school graduates who want to acquire specific professional skills in the art field, and with a view towards professional repositioning within exhibition or museum institutions, foundations and art galleries.

Scientific Committee - The Master’s program is supported by a Scientific Committee composed of: 

• Alessandra Donati - Course Coordinator, Lawyer of Counsel at Nctm Law Firm, Professor of Comparative Private Law, University of Milano-Bicocca
• Alice Hansen - Curator, PLART, Naples 
• Maria Grazia Longoni - Lawyer, associate of LCA law firm
• Linda Pacifici - Senior Registrar, Palazzo Strozzi 
• Iolanda Ratti - Conservator, Museo del ‘900  
• Cristina Resti - Art Network Manager, Generali Assicurazioni Arte

Methodology and Structure - The Master's programme, taught across 11 modules, alternates purely theoretical lectures with more practical and hands-on sessions that require a reasoned reworking in the form of exercises and/or participatory discussion. 

Career opportunities - The professional Registrar has the opportunity to work in several contexts: museums, foundations, large galleries, private collections, international exhibitions and biennials, or in logistics and insurance companies specializing in the art sector, which need to move and archive various types of works or artifacts.
The Registrar’s work is varied and wide-ranging, and can be divided into three main categories:

Loan Registrar - managing requests for artwork loans, both incoming and outgoing; 
Exhibition Registrar - setting up/creating a temporary or permanent exhibition;
Collection Registrar - management of permanent exhibitions and making inventories of acquired works, monitoring state and parameters of preservation of the works in the collection, both on display and in storage.


Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

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Alessandra Donati – Course Coordinator

Alessandra Donati – Course Coordinator
An expert in Art Law, she is a Lawyer of Counsel at ADVANT Nctm Law Firm, where she manages the ArTeam for the Art Industry, and is a Professor of Comparative Contract Law and Art Market Legislation at the University of Milano-Bicocca. She is the Director of the training course for Curators of Artists' Archives, Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Committee of AitArt, and member of the Board of Careof. She is the Director of the legal studies series Comparative Art Law (published by ESI), and a member of the editorial board of the Art & Law Journal published by Brill and di Sciami. She edited the Protocols for Authenticity, Care and Protection of Contemporary Artworks (PACTA) adopted by the Italian Ministry of Culture in 2017 and the Principles of Best Practices of the members of the Italian Association of Artist Archives.