Fashion Trends Investigation | © Estudiante:  Beatriz Ferrer



Start date

July 2023




On campus


15 days

Focusing on fashion trends, the students will explore Barcelona in classes and dynamic workshops while they carry out investigations on the street in this cultural epicentre. 

The Summer Course in Trends Investigation from Coolhunting to Fashion Forecasting will give students a holistic knowledge of how to research trends that will inspire and inform using the best practices and study and applied tools.
The teaching staff, which is made up of professionals with a variety of training and specializations, introduces the students to this compelling line of work by offering them the tools needed to investigate, analyse and predict future trends.


Information to decide


– To provide a holistic understanding of the art and science of trends research with a focus on the fashion industry.

– To accompany students on their learning journey of the linchpin theories, methods, and tools of trends research.

– To demonstrate how learning about trends helps spark ideas that inform, innovate, and inspire.

– To help students hone their curiosity, cultural awareness, and intuition.

– To promote a more sustainable approach to the industry and use of fashion trends.


In the first two weeks class exercises teach the techniques of on and off-line evidence gathering which is used to create an unfiltered picture of what they have discovered, known as an Evidence Wall. As the course progresses we focus on fashion forecasting and analytical tools are learned. Students start to hone their intuition and learn methods of triangulating their findings in order to create a Trend Cartogram, highlighting more concrete and specific signals affecting certain aspects of culture, design and society. Then emphasis is put on learning the skills and best practices of oral, visual and written trend reports so students can confidently present their final work.

The course objective is to give students a holistic understanding of trends investigation and the ability to inspire and inform with trends via the best practices and tools they learn during classes. Students finish the course with a strategy to enter into the field of trends investigation.

This module is directed towards people who want to confort and investigate the field new trends. The course is also oriented to those, who for professional reasons, need to focus and specialize in order to confront a rapidly competitive and changing market sector. 

High-level English language skills are necessary and basic Spanish is helpful. 

Professional Opportunities


Depending on each student’s profile, prior experience, and vision for the future, possible career positions on graduation include:

– Research and strategy positions in the futures/trends forecasting industry;

– Research support and informed design for the creative industries: whether your interests lie in the media arts, fashion, product design, events, retail, or others;

– Research and strategy positions for creative agencies specializing in branding, communication, storytelling, etc..