Fashion Trends Investigation | © Estudiante:  Beatriz Ferrer



Start date

July 2024




On campus


3 Weeks

A learning experience that will boost your motivation to find ideas that inform, innovate and inspire.

This Fashion Trend Forecasting Summer Course in English gives you a dynamic and practical approach to observing, collecting and using signs of change to predict fashion trends in the near future.

In workshops, exercises, tutorials and on excursions you’ll learn the theories, methodologies and how to use the most effective tools from international guest lecturers and professional designers with extensive experience in trends, design and forecasting.


Information to decide

An intensive, practice-based course, in direct contact with professional trend forecasters, to boost your motivation for this fascinating field of work. 


The course is organised into three steps:

  • Scanning and compiling. Students practice primary and secondary forecasting techniques, looking for the first signs of change.
  • Connecting and verifying. Empirical forecasting exercises to connect the dots with the information collected.
  • Implementing and generating. Draw final conclusions and experiment with the methods and means to present the work.

This intensive course is for curious minds who want to explore the world of trend forecasting and prediction.

Trend forecasting is a much sought-after skill on the job market. Although the course focuses on the fashion industry, the practical tools and methods studied can be applied to any sector.

You'll have three weeks to explore a field of great strategic value to a fashion brand, especially in the current context, subject to increasingly rapid change.

At the successful conclusion of your course, you’ll put the know-how you’ve acquired into practice by developing a final project.

You’ll learn how to use the best methods and essential tools from a teaching team of professional designers and international guest experts, in practical exercises, workshops and on excursions.

All of this in the creative microcosm of the IED Campus in Barcelona, a prestigious city in the world of design and an endless source of inspiration.




20th-Century Icons of Cool


An introduction to trend forecasting

Abstract and core concepts

Cultural brailing, evidence walls, cartograms and trendboards

From cultural brailing to trendboards

Diffusion theory & tastemaker predictions

Desk-based research methods


Pattern recognition and producing actionable trend insights

The anatomy of a trend report


Field research: trend hunting tours

Design research excursions and workshops


Project briefing