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Start date

June 2023




On campus


10 days

Discover different fields of design (product, interior, graphic) and explore creative processes linked to these disciplines.

The Junior Summer Course in Global Design invites young people to discover different fields of design (product, interior, graphic) and explore creative processes linked to these disciplines.

Students are guided deep into the various design disciplines where they can use their own tools and resources. They will also explore new techniques and languages e: poetry, visual arts, plastic arts, sculpture, theatre and music. 

The programme fosters motivation and self-knowledge . It provides a safe place in which to create new bonds and share ideas, favouring observation, investigation, conceptual association, logic and communication. Every exercise concludes with one individual project and one group assignment. 

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The course is intended to boost motivation, confidence and self-knowledge, so each student incorporates the experiences they learn into their own academic path and personal life, and so they gain a better understanding of the way different designers think and work depending on their field of action.

 The syllabus is conceived to build up a space where each one of them can create bonds and share their distinctive features. Students are also provided with enough technical knowledge to develop their own ideas, on the basis of a design process which highlights the importance of observing, researching, associating ideas, applying logic and communicating, no matter the discipline they have chosen


The course is conceived as an immersion into the different disciplines of design, using tools and resources that belong specifically to each one of them. Moreover, students will explore several techniques and languages from a global perspective involving poetry, visual art, plastic art, sculpture, theatre and music.

All exercises are rounded off by putting experience into practice; on the last day, the group is asked to jointly create a piece that combines tools and knowledge in design and art. 

Young students between 15 and 18 years old who are considering how to further their academic education and have an interest in the different design disciplines.

It is aimed towards young people who are not developing their creative or artistic potential and wish to explore their skills.

Also for students who are struggling academically or lacking motivation, who need to find themselves and learn how to get organised and enjoy learning.