Graphic Design in Branding



Start date

July 2024




On campus


3 Weeks

Put your creative talent to work developing engaging, strategic branding proposals for a variety of formats.

The Summer Course in Graphic Design in Branding helps you to take your first steps in visual identity design and learn to use print or digital media in a strategic, responsible way to create a better user experience.

In this course, taught in English, you’ll be working with case studies and other types of projects, using the best materials, tools and technologies to create the most effective graphic design and visual communication.

Information to decide

A course that stimulates your creativity as you acquire the skills you need to develop a visual identity project and put your newfound knowledge into practice.

A learning experience based on case studies and other design methodologies, such as Visual Design Thinking. Particular emphasis is placed on observing, analysing, comparing, creating and developing strategies, resources and methodologies to design visual identity systems for products, exhibition spaces, branding, wayfinding, corporate identity, event design, social and digital media.

In this course, you’ll be encouraged to explore new creative avenues, design trends and adopt a designer's (knowledge-based) way of thinking, to plan and design in a responsible way and play a pro-active role in transitional design for a sustainable future.

This course is for people who want a solid grounding in the basics of graphic design and, in particular, visual identity, branding and brand culture, to acquire or further their knowledge of the most effective visual communication and design tools used in the sector.

Designers from a variety of fields, Fine Arts or Communication graduates and students, photographers, editors, advertising agents, printers and entrepreneurs looking for in-depth knowledge of strategic graphic design will find the course both interesting and useful. The same is true for university students or people who’ve already graduated in Graphic Design or visual and interactive communications.

Previous knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat is an asset; there will be no lectures on these tools, and each individual student is free to develop their project using the program they’re most comfortable with.

If you’re looking for a personal, learning experience to put your creative skills to the test and take your first steps in the field of graphic design, this is the course for you.

You’ll be studying at IED Barcelona in the emblematic Gràcia district, a vibrant community of students and top professionals from all over the world.



The foundations of visual identity and brand design

The iconographic message 

Adaptive, dynamic and evolutionary visual identity systems (case studies)

Personal branding (case studies)

Project management: basics of project management


Brand purpose, personality, essence and guidelines 

Brand language, naming/phonetic brand, verbal brand

Users/consumers, market research and benchmarks 

Storytelling: brand communication and narratives 

Branding brief

Brand Management

Notions of marketing: advertising and propaganda


Visual identity: logo design, basic elements of brand identity (typography, colour, shape, identification unit, priorities)

Development of visual identity system 

Identity manual: rules for use and application


Brand touchpoints: interaction or communication between a brand and its customers 

Media: digital, print, physical

Brand experience: customer experience, brand environment 

User experience (UX)

Principles of digital brand/social media branding

Brand positioning

Public engagement: social media, marketing and advertising campaigns