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Start date

July 2023




On campus


10 days

In the fashion world, sustainability is a complex issue as it affects every stage of the product’s life cycle: design, material procurement, production, logistics, use and end of life.

The Summer Course in Sustainable Fashion affords a holistic view of sustainability and the tools needed to apply it at every stage of the fashion product’s life cycle. 

The concept of sustainability is gaining ground in society. As consumers grow more responsible, standards get stricter and scarce natural resources become more expensive, sustainable development is rising as one of the key factors in a company’s survival and competitive edge. In the fashion world, it also affects the various stages of a product’s life cycle. 

The course tackles the idea of integrating sustainability within the fashion company from both a theoretical and practical approach focussing on materials, processes, design, marketing and management. The programme takes place in a dynamic setting that combines technical lectures delivered by prestigious professionals in the sector with discussion panels and case studies, practical workshops and company visits. 

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– To equip students with a set of skills they will need to promote, develop and manage sustainability, both in individual projects and within an organisation.

– To provide the basic knowledge and methodological tools needed to begin developing and managing sustainability projects, from creating new products and services to defining new business models or redefining existing processes, always applying a systemic approach.

Participants are granted the opportunity to share their experiences with the teachers in an atmosphere that fosters easy communication and represents the point where their existing knowledge and career aspirations converge.

The course takes place in a dynamic environment, combining different types of lessons to achieve the highest degree of professional enrichment:

- Technical lectures delivered by prestigious sector professionals.
- Debate and analysis sessions.
- Practical workshops.
- Visits to real companies.

- Graduates in fashion design, business management, marketing and communication.
- Specialists in fashion products.
- Fashion entrepreneurs seeking a new approach for their production processes, techniques and methodologies and for their business.
- Other professionals proving their experience in the field of fashion design and/or business management, sustainability, CSR, communication or marketing.

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