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January 2024


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course coordinator

Daria Filardo


20.100 €

Create and manage large-scale cultural projects and enjoy an innovative, interdisciplinary experience on the Master's Course of Arts Management at IED Firenze and IED Roma

The Master's Course of Arts Management at IED Firenze and IED Roma will train up a professional Art Manager in a top cultural context across 3 art capitals (Florence and Rome first, but also Venice for a week-long workshop). Together we will develop your personal identity, shaped by a humanist, arts-related, and business spirit that combines creativity and action.

As part of this training, you will be involved in delivering and managing innovative cultural events. You will master design, planning, marketing and business skills, finding ways to adapt and mediate content, artists and spaces. These three factors have all an impact on the success of an event, and you will soon learn how best to work with them.

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A Master's Course covering all areas of creating, implementing and managing events connected with the world of art and culture

The Master's Course of Arts Management at IED Firenze and IED Roma aims to provide and enhance all the theory and practical tools you need to coordinate project development of an art and cultural world event, covering everything from needs analysis to budgets and communication plans to fund-raising logic. In a laboratory-like environment that fosters interdisciplinarity, knowledge exchange and teamwork, you will experience 11 months of lessons and face-to-face activities, visits to museums, galleries, archaeological sites and specific projects.

This Master's Course  is divided into two work modules: the one in Florence focuses more on design and event and exhibition organisation in the areas of visual and performing arts. The excellent level of museums in Florence is a source of great inspiration for future art managers. The module held in Rome, on the other hand, focuses on a cross-media approach in art productions.

Indeed, the dissertation project is about creating and managing a cultural production in the city of Rome, as you field-test your own cultural, organisational and technical skills. A special week of meetings at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice is also held as part of the training. 

The Master's Course in Arts Management at IED Firenze and IED Roma is for students with undergraduate education in humanities, arts and economics. It is also open to anyone with a degree in a creative discipline or at least two years of professional experience, working in an area of arts and culture.

This career path is for those who want to combine their passion for art with strong organisational skills. This training is for those seeking a multicultural environment and a network of international contacts as a way to work out a successful career and expand their own vision with a focus on creative thinking.

As an Art Manager you will be somebody in high demand in the contemporary arts environment sharing horizontal knowledge in such areas as festivals, museum and exhibition planning or display, as well as storytelling museum communication.

The Master's Course in Arts Management at IED Firenze and IED Roma is your best option if you want to turn yourself into a complete professional figure, responsible for the successful coordination of every step and every process of producing a cultural event uniquely and knowledgeably, but most importantly, with your own style.

In such a growing and evolving scenario and as multifaceted as the art world, this Master's Course provides an advanced course that makes continuous renewal its rationale and is a reference point for managerial figures involved in the production and circulation of visual culture. Your role will be key to the lives of cultural institutions: you will manage resources but also innovative and flexible communication tools, developing and adapting complex creative strategies in a variety of contexts.

This Master's Course, with a strong international focus, is a unique opportunity to experience life in the atmosphere of three Italian art capitals with an incredible cultural heritage and a unique style such as Florence, Rome and Venice. More than a Master's Course, it is a full-immersion experience with a very high interdisciplinary rate covering a wide range of skills and with a very strong practical structure that integrates both visual and performing arts, as well as design, management, business and fund-raising knowledge.

Cooperation with renowned partners such as institutions in the art world (including Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, MUS.E, MIBAC) will provide you with the opportunity to meet with experts from the art and cultural sectors, and gain an insight into the job market.


Study programme

The Master's Degree in Arts Management at IED Firenze and IED Roma is divided into two modules. The first module focuses on building cultural and historical background on the arts scene. Project management, planning and organisational skills will be developed through theory lessons and international case studies. On the second module, the focus will be on project management in all its aspects, from strategic planning to visual identity aspects, all the way to budgeting and real production.


Daria Filardo

Art historian, Curator, Educator

Course Coordinator

Michele Trimarchi


Lorenzo Di Las Plassas


Pietro Gaglianò


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