Product Design



Start date

October 2023




On campus


9 Months


60 IED (480+20 Horas)



Specialise in an essential design process. Create original, aesthetic, useful and sustainable products that make life easier for everyone.

The products of the future: this Master’s Degree in Product Design gives you invaluable insight into the product creation and development process. You’ll acquire an intimate understanding of how the things we make for others go all but unseen, as natural and intuitive objects, that fit their function to the full.


In this master's degree program you’ll discover design and elaboration processes are just as important as the final result. You’ll work on themes such as sustainability, materials and manufacturing processes, providing solutions and value propositions that do much more than meet purely functional or aesthetic requirements.


In this program you’ll study the various layers of know-how and the technical side of the profession, focusing on essential human values and design anthropology. You’ll learn how to cultivate your own personal style, the importance of intuition, and how we can use it to meet the global challenges of the future.

Information to decide

A master's degree to specialise in the world of product design learning from professionals working in the field.

By completing this master's program at IED Madrid, you will access disciplinary training that will complement your knowledge and enhance your skills, preparing you to develop a unique profile in the professional market. With its in-person format, this degree will allow you to learn, participate and be part of the IED community, which also has a virtual campus and access to laboratories.

In addition to the subjects in the Master's in Product Design, you can choose between two of the five optional strands that make up the IED student's DNA. In these training strands, we look at the tools that make the difference to completing your professional profile.

We have the CoLAB collaborative project in which students from different programs will come together to develop a unique project. With the guidance of leading professionals in the sector, the working groups will look at new disciplines and techniques.

This IED program is for people with a degree in a similar field who already have previous knowledge of the subject and want to develop their own projects, but until now didn’t have the means, space, knowledge or skillset to do so.

It’s for degree holders, graduates or engineers who want to communicate their ideas in a coherent, responsible way in a professional sector that’s constantly evolving.

If you want to complete your education with a comprehensive overview of product design and the skillset you need to responsibly design products that meet the needs of modern society, this is the master's program for you.

In this IED Master’s Degree in Product Design you’ll be working with students from a variety of backgrounds to acquire a comprehensive understanding of product design.


Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach, you’ll be constantly brainstorming ideas in a stimulating relationship with other IED students and the teaching staff.


This program leaves no stone unturned, it covers everything from developing the initial concept to creating the final product. Thanks to feedback in tutoring sessions you’ll know how to communicate your ideas in a coherent and dependable way. You’ll learn how to create peripheral content for your projects and acquire the skills you need to start a personal brand and use what you create in the best and most effective way.


Last but not least, you’ll be studying in the city of Madrid, in a thriving business network that’s continually breaking new ground in this sector; a place to find inspiration, develop ideas, see the latest trends unfold and cultivate a healthy dose of critical thinking in relation to your own work.


In the first part of the course you’ll learn the theory and how to make best use of the most effective tools in the field of product design. You’ll put everything you’ve learned during the course into practice in specific Labs.

Theory and conceptualisation

The history and an analysis of product design

Design anthropology and context

An introduction to the design process

Object relationships

Future design

Digital programs: Rhino + render

Digital programs: Photoshop

Design conceptualisation


Project 1: Project methodology

Project 2: Furniture

Project 3: Lighting

Project 4: Speculative design

Materials and manufacturing processes

Fablab processes

Machines and motion

Materials and processes


Construction systems and structures

Vegetable fibres

Material identity

Carving, Yakisugi


Surface treatments


Photography and art direction

Designing exhibitions spaces


Final Project Master's Thesis

Optional subjects

Human Centric Design (Humanities)

Design anthropology

Gender and decolonial studies

Research methods

A better future (Sustainability)

Eco-design strategy wheel

Environmental impact

Energy efficiency and logistics

Technology and Innovation (Maker Culture)

Interactive products



Forward-Thinking (Strategies)

Disruptive thinking

Problem solving techniques

Behavioural methods

Career accelerator (Enterprise)

An entrepreneurial mindset




Miguel Leiro


Sergio Sanz Vela


Andrés Izquierdo Merigó


Matteo Guarnaccia