Start date

October 2024




On campus


9 Months


60 IED (600 Horas)

Course Coordination

Raquel Buj García

Combine your passion for design and technology, define a versatile professional profile, create a new aesthetic language for the textile industry.

From tradition to the avant-garde: in the Master’s Degree in Textile Design and New Materials you will approach Pattern Design from a multifaceted methodology. You will take subjects that place special emphasis on the development of creativity and mastery of technique. You will also delve into the different traditional processes (screen printing, digital printing, rotary printing, ceramic decals, etc.) and gain knowledge on their possible commercial applications: fabrics, wallpaper, ceramics, home design, stationery and jewellery, among other disciplines.

The main objective of this master's degree is to train professionals capable of adapting to the needs of the market: you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to generate ideas and develop designs applicable to different products and surfaces.

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A master's degree that combines tradition and technology to adapt to a variety of fields in fabric design.

The Master in Textile Design and New Materials, will allow you to immerse yourself in a universe where creativity and innovation converge to redefine the limits of textile design, you will access a transversal training that will complement your knowledge and enhance your skills, preparing you to be a unique profile in the labor market.
You will develop the ability to conceptualize and materialize creative ideas, merging tradition and avant-garde in your creations.

This master's degree is for people with a degree or diploma in the fine arts, design or similar disciplines. Engineers, people who have learned the ropes in the field under their own initiative, or professionals who want to offer their clients fabric design and print development services will find the program both interesting and useful. There are many different disciplines in which pattern design is in high demand: fashion, decorating, designed surfaces, product development, architecture, and more.

You’ll be in class with a heterogeneous student body, people from a variety of different backgrounds, which makes the campus a fertile breeding ground of ideas: students may have a background in fashion, graphic design, art, and other disciplines not necessarily related to design.

This master's degree is for those who love the visual arts and fabric design, who want to turn their passion for design into a career.

It’s a degree in Pattern Design for both fabrics and other surfaces, with complete training in applied techniques. The objective is to create versatile profiles that can be developed professionally in different sectors.

In each term you will work on a project that gives you practical experience in the subjects you are studying. These projects are carried out individually or in groups and will allow you to put what you have learned into practice and work with real clients.

All this at the IED headquarters in Madrid, a city that has become one of the European capitals for the development of the design industry and a focus for multidisciplinary creation that will offer you continuous stimuli to create.



Materials and Textile Construction

Technological Textiles


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E-textiles LAB

Soft Electronics



Master's Thesis (TFM)




Raquel Buj García

Course Coordinator

Alex Henkes


Diego García Cuevas


Lorena Madrazo


Tamara Ruiz