Fashion Styling for Shows and Film



Start date

January 2024




On campus


5 Months


30 IED (240 Horas)



Use visual representation to interpret the artist’s character with a depth that gives every word, every gesture a touch of magic. Dress showfolk for showtime.

The Postgraduate Course in Fashion Styling for Shows and Film includes all the essential qualities to recreate characters through costumes, consistency in era, scenography and script, all based on knowledge of colour theory, interpretation of makeup,costumes and lighting.

You will learn to specify the costumes for a play, film or series, managing to make characters look authentic and compelling, giving them argumentative values, distinctive features of their personalities, and giving each scene greater visual value.

This course will also provide you with tools to help you create a style for any artistic interpretation and for the final course project.

This course will prepare you to work successfully as a stylist for films, musicals, television, series and theatre productions. You will be trained with a multidisciplinary approach that will make it possible for you to expand or acquire knowledge about costumes, assembly elements, scenography and, lighting, as well as being able to take a journey through the history of culture, fashion and film.

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A creative, interdisciplinary course that’ll change your vision of scenographic and artistic styling to that of an expert in the art.

This Postgraduate Course in Fashion Styling for Shows and Film includes six months of face-to-face classes in which you’ll interact with specialists, experts working in the field, eager to pass on the latest concepts and the tricks of a wardrobe stylist’s trade. 

In this course you’ll learn how to make any character or artist look the part, fitting the costume to the character to get the artist into the role. 

The course consists of five modules (actors and actresses, technical production for film and TV, culture, resources and materials, and the final project). In each of these modules you’ll develop the specific skills used by a wardrobe stylist working in the entertainment and film industry. 

You can also take a preparatory course in which you'll learn the ins and outs of the basic tools and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the field as you develop the inherent technical and personal skills. In addition to the subjects in the syllabus, you can choose one of three optional subjects on themes close to the heart of every IED student.

This course is for people with a degree or diploma, or professionals working in fashion who want to start their career as a wardrobe stylist working in the world of theatre, film and television.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge of costumes and how to use them for a particular period, character and scenography.

In recent years the entertainment industry has become one of the most interesting and thriving sectors to work in. There are a multitude of fields where wardrobe stylists play an essential role such as film, television, theatre and music. 

This course helps you develop a conceptual vision of the styling required in a variety of artistic spheres, to design costumes that catch the audience’s eye. 

When you finish the course you’ll have a full set of styling and makeup skills under your belt to add realism and meaning to any production.

You’ll be studying in Madrid, the capital not only of Spain but of theatres and the entertainment industry in Spain. Here you’ll find some of the country’s major production and theatre companies like the Centro Dramático Nacional.


The syllabus gives you a strong grounding in theory, and you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice at the end of the course in your final project.


Colour Psychology

Character Psychology

Costume Design for Film and TV

Makeup for Film and TV


Scenography and Lighting

Team Management

Continuity and Footage

Costume Fitting


The History of Fashion

Visual Culture

The History of Film and the Audiovisual Media


Fabric Product/Fitting






Javier Díaz Alonso



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