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January 2024




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Having a good stylist and a good creative team makes all the difference in musical artists, or in film or theatre characters. They can make a star be born or they can give a character credibility.

The stylist is now more than ever at the forefront of decision-making when it comes to the visual messages that an artist wants to convey or to giving life to the director's vision through a character, and they can influence fashion in a powerful way.

The Postgraduate Course in Fashion Styling for Shows and Film offers a training programme for professionals who wish to work in the world of film and television as stylists.

In the creation of a character, their wardrobe plays a fundamental role. To select the right styling, it is necessary to understand concepts such as colour and character psychology, to understand the role of the wardrobe and make-up, and to know the basics of set design and lighting.

This programme also includes a historical tour through culture, fashion and film, in order to tackle the final project with the necessary knowledge to prepare styling for films and video clips.

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This postgraduate course aims to train styling professionals who are able to give life to characters in film, theatre, series etc. as an expression of their personality traits, thereby giving credibility to the work.

Students will be able to define the wardrobe and make-up that best suit each character depending on the historical time, the psychological traits and the plots.

They will also understand the relationship established between the wardrobe and the other key elements of a production, such as scenery and lighting.


Javier Díaz Alonso



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