Start date

July 2025


Full time


75 Hours


R$ 7.896

Unveil the history of Brazilian wood, from its design pinnacle to contemporary sustainable practices in furniture creation.

Start Date: 07/14/2025
End Date: 08/27/2025

Brazil has earned global recognition for its diverse wood species and the historic achievements of designers who incorporated these materials into their creations. The 50s and 60s marked the zenith of Brazilian furniture design, leveraging specific wood species that are now scarce due to overuse. As the importance of sustainability and environmental preservation grew, designers became more conscious of their wood usage.

We present the AMAZONIA course, an immersion into the history of Brazilian wood in furniture design. This course, beyond the conventional, offers a practical and engaging experience.

With a focus on practicality, participants explore the city, visit galleries, and delve into the sustainable wood extraction process. We highlight the unique opportunity to create certified sustainable products, gaining insights into the pathways for certification. Our partnership with IDESAN, associated with Greenpeace, reinforces our commitment to sustainable practices.

Limited spots ensure a personalized experience, allowing in-depth exploration of the practical and theoretical aspects of sustainable furniture design. The pedagogical component, immersion in the Amazon with accommodation and meals, and visits in Rio de Janeiro are included. Airfare to Rio de Janeiro and from there to the Amazon, as well as accommodation in Rio de Janeiro, are not included. Join us in this unique and transformative journey.

This course aims to showcase the vast array of Brazilian wood species, explore their historical significance in design projects, and delve into the evolving path towards more conscious and sustainable application of this valuable resource. Participants will gain comprehensive insights into the legal processes governing Brazilian forests and wood.

Information to decide

Learn more about the course AMAZONIA: Sustainability in Furniture and the Brazilian Wood Process.

The course blends in-person classes at the IED Rio headquarters, featuring theoretical sessions and visits to galleries and studios of Brazilian designers. During the Amazonia week, participants will engage with local artists, artisans, forestry management companies, and indigenous communities to craft objects using Amazonian wood.

IED's Methodology

IED believes that a complete professional education is born from the union of cognitive intelligence (theory), creative intelligence (practice), and emotional intelligence (human dimension). That's why we have created a unique methodological basis that integrates the management of knowledge and practice. 

The formation of classes and the start of courses depend on a minimum quorum (at the faculty's discretion) 15 days before the start, to guarantee the best experience for all participants. 

The IED reserves the right to change the teaching staff due to personal or institutional needs, without compromising the quality of the course.

This course caters to individuals interested in furniture design, creative professionals, and design enthusiasts seeking to enhance their skills or gain practical experience. It is also suitable for aspiring young designers looking to initiate their studies in the field. While there are no technical prerequisites, prior knowledge in architecture or furniture design is beneficial.

Prerequisites: There are no technical restrictions, although it is desirable that the student already has prior knowledge in architecture and/or furniture design or is simply interested in these areas.

The course unfolds in two segments. Initially, participants will immerse themselves in the theoretical aspects at the IED Rio headquarters, exploring the history of Brazilian wood and its application in furniture design. This segment also includes a visit to a gallery showcasing furniture, offering a practical application of theoretical knowledge.

In the second segment, participants venture into the heart of Amazonia, witnessing firsthand the theoretical concepts learned earlier. Visits to local producers in Manaus and an indigenous community provide insights into forest management processes. The course culminates in a three-day workshop, allowing students to craft their objects using legal Amazonian wood.


Program and Subjects

Day 01-05 (IED Rio): History and processes of wood, Brazilian furniture design history, external visits to a gallery and designer's studio.

Day 06-12 (Amazonia): Immersion in Amazonia, visits to local producers, and indigenous communities, and a hands-on workshop crafting objects with legal Amazonian wood.

Road Map

  • DAY 01 (IED RIO) | HISTORY AND WOOD PROCESSES (3h): Course Presentation, History of Wood, Wood Processes, Forest Management, Types of Wood and Wood Theory.

  • DAY 02 (IED RIO) | HISTORY OF BRAZILIAN FURNITURE DESIGNER (3h): History of Brazilian furniture and the application of Brazilian wood in the creative process of designers.

  • DAY 03 (RIO) | LEGADO GALLERY (EXTERNAL VISIT) (5h): Visit a Gallery to see all the furniture and work by Brazilian designers in practice.

  • DAY 04 (IED RIO) | PROCESSES AND BRAZILIAN WOOD PRODUCTION (3h): Processes for creating furniture with Brazilian wood, Brazilian production and how Sustainability enters the industry.

  • DAY 05 (RIO) | GUSTAVO BITTENCOURT OR CALIXTO WOODWORKING (EXTERNAL VISIT) (5h): Visit a Brazilian designer's studio to see the entire production of a piece of furniture using wood.

  • DAY 06-12 (AMAZONIA) (8h/day): Immersion in Amazonia, visits to local producers, and indigenous communities, and a hands-on workshop crafting objects with legal Amazonian wood.


Pedro Galaso