Start date

January 2025




On campus


8 Months

Course Coordination

Lorenzo Penato

The ideal course for mastering the virtual rendering of transportation design projects

The Advanced Automotive course is designed to enhance the participants’ knowledge of 3D modelling and graphic visualisation, in order to develop skills useful for the creation of virtual vehicles and assets, as well as their presentation (in the form of images, videos or animations).  

All this will be possible thanks to the in-depth study of three state-of-the-art applications, mainly used in the automotive industry: Autodesk Alias, Blender and Unreal Engine. By gaining these technical skills, which are currently in high demand on the labour market, participants will have the opportunity to specialise, and assert themselves as professionals in the sector.   

Information to decide

Present a vehicle with a high-quality rendering, and tell all about it in the end-of-course project 

The course includes the in-depth, vertical study of the three most widely used software applications in the automotive sector. The first module covers the Autodesk Alias application, with the aim of learning how to model vehicles starting with curves, and how to master the construction of each specific surface. The Blender module offers participants the chance to use this polygonal modelling software for the creation of scenarios and secondary objects, and for the proper preparation of the 3D models, which are essential skills for the presentation of a project. Finally, during the third and final module dedicated to the Unreal Engine application, participants will gain the skills needed to create extremely high-quality images and videos for the presentation of cars and design projects, even in real time.  

The course is intended for recent graduates or professionals (designers, planners, etc.) looking to specialise in 3D CAS modelling and visualisation in the automotive sector.  

Basic knowledge of the Autodesk Alias application is a prerequisite.  

·        The course allows the participants to learn a flexible and synergetic working method involving the use of all three software applications. This approach guarantees the ability to successfully tackle the virtual rendering of any transportation design project;  

·        Participants will be able to: 

1.               Model a classic car starting from the technical drawing, with a sculptural proposal 
2.               Generate the polygonal modelling of a scene, with the model setup for the Unreal Engine 5 application 
3.               Render a car with high-quality images, and set up the work within the context of a final project presentation  

·        Thanks to the practical in-class experience, the course will allow participants to create high-end professional portfolios, while at the same time rendering them highly specialised professionals;  

·        The automotive sector is constantly growing, and there are numerous job opportunities for those with advanced skills in this field. This course will prepare you for these opportunities.


The training course includes 3 separate modules dedicated to the following: Autodesk Alias, for the in-depth study of curves and surfaces, Blender, for the study of polygonal modelling, and Unreal Engine, for the creation of photorealistic images and environments.  


Lorenzo Penato

Course Coordinator