Start date

January 2025




On campus


6 Months

Course Coordination

Davide Cena


2.550 €

Become a 3D Modeller and establish your role within a Style Centre
To meet the needs of a design market that requires the use of complex graphic design programs.

Autodesk Alias is the indispensable industrial design and 3D modelling software for the fields of automotive and product design.  

IED has dedicated an entire course to this application, with the aim of offering targeted tools for the creation of highly detailed and incredibly realistic virtual models. Thanks to this course, therefore, participants will have the opportunity to transform an initial idea into a complete digital prototype: with a balanced combination of theory and practice, they’ll learn how to create complex products, vehicles and surfaces, from the conceptualisation and graphic draft phase to the creation of real three-dimensional virtual models.  

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Familiarize yourself with the three-dimensional environment, and learn the techniques of blend modelling, diagnostic shading, and real time rendering 

Alternating between engaging theoretical lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises, the curriculum provides for a solid foundation in virtual modelling through the in-depth study of the Autodesk Alias software. At the same time, the training course also offers the opportunity to study the main techniques of freehand sketching and physical modelling in the Clay Workshop: fundamental skills that will allow the participants to express their creativity and develop solid conceptual ideas.  

In fact, the ultimate goal of the course is to provide the tools needed to create an entire 3D model of a vehicle in complete autonomy, in order to be able to produce complex, high quality digital renderings

The Autodesk Alias course starts from the basics of studying the software, and approaches the application in a step-by-step manner; the course is therefore intended for all product and transportation design enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge and specialise in 3D Modelling.  

While this IED course offers numerous advantages and opportunities, its real added value lies in the possibility of developing distinctive and highly specialised skills: in fact, knowledge of the Autodesk Alias software and practical modelling experience are prerequisites for various fields of work, such as industrial design, automotive design, and product design. Developing these digital skills, which are indispensable in the field of design, will also render the course participant a true professional, with competitive and highly sought-after skills on the labour market.  


Consisting of various modules, the training course covers the basics of the Autodesk Alias software, the 3D modelling techniques required for an industrial design object and a complete vehicle currently on the market, and the relative rendering techniques. The course also includes workshop and design time.  


Davide Cena

Course Coordinator

Gioele Sabato

Luca Sardo