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In the wake of the short century that has just ended came an even shorter century. In the thirty years from the fall of the Berlin Wall to Covid-19, globalisation has expanded the boundaries of the world to the point that space is considered a potential tourist destination. We thought that working was no longer necessary because we could live by playing our money on the stock market. When it comes to relationships between human beings, we have translated justice into inclusiveness. Our homes are now more minimalist and technological, which makes them more sustainable. However, even though states, finance and multinationals have supported this paradigm, we are still experiencing natural and human disasters. The concomitance of diseases, wars, and economic downturns, makes us think of a historical turning point, which requires us to imagine the years to come. Through the voices of important players in the creative industry, we therefore try to reconstruct the notion of contemporary - understood as the present that generates a possibly "very good" future.
Danilo Venturi