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November 2024


Full time


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8 Months

Course Coordination

Diego Fontana

Learn new communication forms, formats, and technologies to join the new generation of digital creators, visual storytellers, and prompt designers with the Master Course in Content Creation and Publishing at IED Firenze.

Being an author/creator in the digital era will open up new and diverse potential: you will be able to support brands in building and strengthening their relationship with consumers, or you may also have the opportunity to build your own identity, reaching out to a new audience and community. 

With the Master Course in Content Creation and Publishing at IED Firenze you will be able to produce multidisciplinary and multi-platform content using writing, graphics, video and audio.  

Immerse yourself in the entire production cycle of new content: starting with conceptualisation and awareness strategies, honing visual and verbal skills, and then moving on to audiovisual production and editing. 

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You will connect with all the different professional profiles in this field and understand how top creative networks work. 

The Master Course involves a practical-theoretical approach. 

Theoretical content will be delivered to provide students with a solid cultural-technical background through history, social studies, literature and art. Students will also be tutored on how to conceive, compose, edit and post-produce a podcast from an original idea. They will learn techniques and programs to create video content. Creative writing and any narrative options for digital content creation will also be explored.  

Through strongly workshop-based teaching, the training course aims at sharing and building experiences and projects.  

Fundamentals of marketing and promotion will provide the necessary skills to understand the entrepreneurial aspects of freelancing and successfully communicate from the content produced. 

Upon completion of the course, a final project work will be developed in groups, based on one of the three main methods of project planning explored (podcasting, video storytelling, editorial strategies). 

The Master Course in Content Creation and Publishing at IED Firenze is for those of you who have a passion for writing or producing, for those of you who want to put their best efforts into the game by spanning different media with one goal: making one's voice heard. 

This Master Course is aimed at students from the areas of humanities (anthropology, philosophy, literature, social studies, gender studies, performing arts, etc.), communication, social and political sciences, and business management. This training is also suitable for those with background experience in the field of content creation, working with either institutions, companies or agencies.

In a dynamic context involving rapid changes and evolutions, both on the technological and linguistic side, this Master Course aims to train professionals with cutting-edge skills that are perfectly in tune with today's professional dynamics. This means creating profiles with strong technical background and an adaptive mindset, empowered to keep evolving and developing new knowledge and skills. 

Upon completion of the Course, participants will be ready for a career in the content economy, working as digital content creators. Based on their own skills, they will be able to become podcast authors, YouTube professionals, brand-journalists, video storytellers, visual and verbal content designers with a focus on the main digital platforms, and also prompt-designers who can generate effective content by interacting appropriately with key artificial intelligences. 

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 



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Final project work 


Federigo Gabellieri

Art Director and Designer


Diego Fontana

Course Coordinator