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11th edition - Five are the distinctive features of a today Manager in the fashion industry: a deep knowledge of the system, an advanced brand strategy, marketing and communication competences, instinct for business development combined with an entrepreneurial vision. The Master course in Fashion Business covers all these areas, offering a perfect balance of know-hows for participants, whether they aim at working within companies or at launching and developing their own personal project. It immerses participants in the deep complexity of the fashion system and its processes. It gives theoretical and practical knowledge of brand and communication strategy. It enhances the instinct for business and the entrepreneurial vision. It shapes the professionals of tomorrow empowering their talents and boosting their skills. It gives them the whole fashion business intelligence they need to stand out in the market.

Students become professionals with a deep knowledge of the fashion system and acquire the skills to develop their own fashion project, learning how to start a business, launch a brand, approach the market with their products.

In previous editions, projects have been developed in collaboration with: Adidas, Colmar,, 120% lino, Emilio Cavallini, The Bridge, Archivio, Roda.

  • Start date
    January 2022
  • Duration
    11 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

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Target - This Master is aimed at graduates that have completed a degree in communication, economics, fashion design or styling, and to young professionals willing to develop a strong, solid training in fashion management.

Methodology and structure – Participants work alongside companies on real projects, experience the challenges and opportunities of the current market and develop creative solutions through exercises that include role plays and simulations. Lesson are divided as follows: lectures, integrative courses, lab activities, project development in focus areas and visiting at companies. The course ends with a final event organised by students and a Final Project. The faculty is made of professionals and helps students getting in touch with the several opportunities offered by local realities, allowing a direct link between projects and surrounding activities. The Master course is composed of different modules:
- introductory fashion related cultural area
- very specific business management and Made in Italy module
- project area aimed at working on real business cases
- Final Project is carried out by students, individually or in groups, working on a case study or a real brief given by a company.

Career opportunities - At the end of the Master, the Fashion Business Manager can work for fashion events, public relations, fashion businesses, advertisement and press offices. Students can find a job as Brand Expert, Fashion Promoter, Fashion Marketing Expert, Creative in advertising and Consultant for new media.

  • Cultural area

    • Fashion Culture

      The course analyses the key moments in the Italian and international fashion history from the 4th century to the new millenium. 

    • Graphic Tools

      This is an introduction to the main techniques that are specific to the fashion communication industry, focusing specially on digital presentations using Power Point and Apple Keynote. 

    • Fashion Marketing and Management

      This course explores primarily fashion marketing and outlines some merchandising aspects through the study of the specific "fashion marketing mix", focusing on brands and marketing strategies for product development, fashion production and industry, supply chain, sales organisation and pricing strategies, both in the industry and retailing business. The course analyses the thinking behind the strategies for fashion products, paying special attention to the business aspects of fashion environment.

  • Specific Area

    • Fashion Business

      The course is designed to propose the students an innovative approach to the strategic analysis of the fashion business companies, giving them a broad overview of the competitive scenario. This scenario will be divided into five strategic groups: the Legendary Griffes, the Contemporary Brands, the Fast Fashion Brands, the Sports Brands, the Fashion Startups.

    • Product Management

      The course provides an overview of the fashion production processes and managements, discovering all the aspects correlate to the development of a fashion product for manufacturers or brands. From technical aspects such as garment constructions and embellishments, moving through manufacturing and production processes, the course introduces additional factors into the development of a fashion item such as the needs of the market, production costs, range planning or specific requests from a client brief.

    • Fashion Communication Strategies and Modes

      While a part of the module is dedicated to the different approaches of adv's production and communication campaigns, another part focuses on the Visual Merchandising activities and tools within the overall merchandising strategy, and on the value it adds to the customer journey experience. A special focus is placed on recent trends and innovations that are transforming the retail industry and the Visual Merchandising strategies. 

  • Integrative Courses and Activities

    • Self-Entrepreneurship and Business Start Up

      The contents of the course provide an overview on the different business models, their evolution, their revolutions, focusing on the understanding of the role and importance of the different approaches. Students will then explore the most important, cutting edge features of a business today, from the “brand experience” provided to the organizational design. 

    • Kaizen Team Building

      This workshop, carried out together with certified trainers, teaches the Japanese Kaizen method, fostering continuous improvement, to learn facing the challenges emerging with the handling of creative projects. It covers several aspects, for time management, to the elaboration of personal portraits – with the help of Graphic Design teachers - that will function as identity cards in the campus during the whole experience.

    • Professional Talks

      The whole pathway is enhanced by talks and meetings featuring successful professionals, renowned brand and lecturers. These experiences are aimed at presenting case histories and involving the students in broad discussions on topics related to design, fashion, food, hospitality, art, and lifestyle, with top level professionals.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Riccardo Bresciani - Course coordinator

Riccardo Bresciani - Course coordinator
Business, Marketing and Communication Consultant. He works at Beyond Research, an insight company, as a Senior Consultant supervising cross country projects for multinational clients. He’s been working for years for the main national and international Brand strategy consultancy firms (UK, USA), being in charge of pan European or market-specific projects in fields that go from luxury and fashion to retail, to food and beverage. Some of the brands he’s been working for, among others: Campari, Ferrero, Bulgari, Converse, Roda, Adidas, Foot Locker, Sony, Disney, etc. 

Margherita Abbozzo

Margherita Abbozzo
She writes on contemporary art, photography and science since 1984 for numerous Italian and international art and photography publications. She also teaches, keeps a Visual blog for a radio station and runs art classes and workshops. Her works are part of public and private collections in Italy, England and America. Her books are in the permanent collections of TATE Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Giovanni Iozzi

Giovanni Iozzi
Since 1988 he's been working as a System Administrator for communication systems in companies that operate in graphics, multimedia and interior design. Furthermore, he expanded in research and development for the fields of strategic and operative marketing.

Arianna Mereu

Arianna Mereu
Freelance Coolhunter and Fashion Designer,  she collaborated with important companies such as Sixty Group, Levi’s, Iceberg, Max Mara group, both as a womenswear designer and cool hunter. She spent some time in Hong Kong, working as a Cool Hunter and Reporter for    

Spiros Stella

Spiros Stella
He was born in Florence to a family of fashion entrepreneurs. Graduated in International Political Sciences from the“ Cesare Alfieri “ Faculty in Florence. After 25 years working as Sales and Marketing Executive with international experiences, he is now a Business consultant and also Professor of Management and Marketing.

Emanuela Di Filippo

Emanuela Di Filippo
Artist. Her artwork is been represented in various local Accredited Museums and Institutional Building in UK, including Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend-on-Sea Museum, Kingston Museum, and the The Vestibules, Bristol. Her works have been featured in more than six collections on Saatchi Art and show at "The Other Art Fair Chicago" presented by Saatchi Art with the artist's Biba Vintage oil pastels. Emanuela is also a Qualified Art & Design Teacher in both Italy and the U.K. and a Personal Fashion Stylist.  

Michelle el Gemayel

Michelle el Gemayel
She is a seasoned management professional with more than 8 years of experience in project management and marketing communication online and offline.  She has spent the majority of her career in the digital marketing field, advertising and entertainment with extensive experience in product/brand campaigns and event operations managing over 10 staff throughout her career. Founder of her own consultancy bureau MichelleGem. Her private clients portfolio has luxury brands like Andrea Wazen, Rayane Bacha and Lina Brax.  

Pier Filippo Fioraso

Pier Filippo Fioraso
Fashion Consultant and Creative Director, has been able to combine his passion for fashion with that for art and design, giving life to a creative business in the round. His areas of expertise range from fashion design to knitwear design, from styling to creative direction and digital strategies. Since 2007 he has been the Creative Director of the historic Florentine fashion house Emilio Cavallini. He has developed special projects in collaboration with brands such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Diesel, Max Mara, Missoni and Opening Ceremony.

Tiziano Guardini

Tiziano Guardini
After a degree in Economics, he graduated again as a Fashion Designer, finding his own path as a creative mind. After perfecting a Master in Product Management, he started working on his own collection achieving premium awards and having the possibility to participate as special guest to White Trade Show (2013), to display some of his creations at Royal Albert Hall London (2013). In 2016 he achieved the Bronze Hempei Fashion Award in Bejing, while 3 among his sculptural dresses were taken to New York Chelsea Market for the exhibition L’eleganza del cibo on tour.