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A cultural, industrial and financial centre on the world scale, Barcelona has, among many merits, that of organizing the First World Culture Forum in 2004, a sign of the attention this city pays to the complex issues of globalisation, issues that IED tackles on its campus here, where it trains designers to be capable of understanding, experimenting and developing new tools for designing and managing the great transformations taking place in society.

Here they learn to work in the various fields of design, as well as to recognise and manage the macrotrends of change as and before they come about.

Understanding complexity, the disciplinary interactions at work in design and how to manage processes of transformation is the focus of design management.

In this sense, the IED Barcelona is a workshop for conducting analysis and research applied to material culture, a focus it is destined to develop increasingly in future.

The founder and President of IED - Istituto Europeo di Design passed away last night

“I would like to pass on an IED that places at the heart of its reflections the students. The students who are the true driving force of our work. Young talents to support while they navigate within a galaxy of opportunities, not only within their local communities but in the whole world”
OCTOBER, 26TH 2017

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Global Design

Master Courses

Designers interested in developing their career in a global society should conceive design as a global practice. Day after day, the markets are becoming more competitive and ever changing, while the consumer is more demanding when it comes to quality and shows an increasing interest in cultural, ethical or environmental aspects that traditionally haven’t been properly noticed, until today.


Interior design

Undergraduate Courses

The Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design prepares professionals who are capable of planning internal spaces, from a private house, a commercial space, a stand for a fair or an exhibition space, as well as furniture or special pieces thanks to their basic knowledge on product design. Students learn to observe trends and how styles evolve in social and cultural contexts, and to interpret the specific exigencies and expectations of each client.