Digital Product and Service Design

Master Courses - Madrid

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The IED Madrid Master in Digital Product and Service Design trains future designers and consultants by providing them with an innovative outlook and the ability to conceptualise, design, prototype and communicate a digital product or service. 

This programme develops students’ spirit of innovation and the capacity to create value for companies by improving their products, services and digital interaction tools. 

Become a Service Designer by learning how to design and develop innovative digital products.

  • Start date
    October 2021
  • Duration
    9 months
  • Attendance
  • Language


  • Learn Service Design.
  • Identify the needs of people and consumers by applying the Human Centered Design Methodology.
  • Understand the industry and the range of digital products. Websites, mobile and interactive applications, etc. 
  • Learn to design experiences and user interaction (UX / IX) 
  • Experiment and design new models of services and systems.
  • Learn the methodologies necessary to optimise purchase processes and the use of Apps.
  • Become specialised in Graphic Design applied to digital products and Service Design.
  • Learn representation and communication techniques for Service Design.
  • Learn the tools and fundamentals of graphic design applied to digital products.
  • Incorporation of new technologies in service design and their means of interaction (AI, IOT, Blockchain, Data, etc).