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Undergraduate Courses - Madrid

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The Undergraduate Degree in Product Design also covers Service Design and the Design of Person-Centred Experiences, sustainable design, universal design etc. It does this while incorporating the latest technological resources, such as virtual and augmented reality, 3D modelling, programming and 3D prototyping, which take place in the Fab Lab space.

Our programme involves a direct relationship with the real market by means of collaboration projects with companies and competitions. Furthermore, the training is complemented by parallel activities such as exhibitions and lectures, workshops and participation in national and international design festivals, aimed at providing our students with the best possible portfolio.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2022
  • Duration
    4 years
  • Attendance
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This programme aims to train professionals in the world of Product Design who are able to understand and respond to the product and service needs of today’s world.

Our professionals are designers with the skills for working at all stages of product development using the new technologies available in the market.

Training within IED’s FabLab spaces enables students to work on both physical and on digital and technological self-production.


Training Paths

The training paths are specific routes for specialisation that meet the demands of the current job market. Each path includes specific contents that translate into projects, theoretical-practical subjects and experiences with professionals who are experts in each field.  They make it possible to programme training that is adapted to the new design scenarios. They are defined with a strategic outlook that guarantees that our students are ready and trained for the new professional opportunities and scenarios.

Industrial Design

Core of the Undergraduate Degree in Product Design focused mainly on developing objects that may be manufactured industrially in large quantities. It also covers semi-industrial products or products made under the concept of self-production: digital or artisanal manufacturing. The most common products are: toys, urban and domestic furniture, containers and packaging, tools, appliances, jewellery, sports products and accessories, technological products and products in the field of mobility, transport and health.

Furniture and Decoration Design (Home Design)

This covers all aspects relating to the design of objects and their relationship with domestic spaces. Known internationally as Home Design, this path explores the history of furniture and decoration to experiment and propose new formats for objects and/or spaces. It allows product and interior designers to focus on designing chairs, tables, lamps, cutlery, textile design and other everyday products.