No words can describe how illuminating an expert's insight can be. The sense of novelty, the difference in perspective, and the example of real-life make the difference in stimulating innovation as a characteristic of creative work. Techniques are necessary in this field, but it's the ideas that make a difference. 

Monograph is a series of meetings with key figures from the creative industry, moments for reducing the distance between school and work, creating your own network, and experiencing school as a place for dialogue. All fundamental steps to expressing yourself creatively and pursuing happiness.

Danilo Venturi


Federigo is an Italy based art director and multidisciplinary designer. With him the students had the possibility to discover the role of the Art Director: how to manage the communication of a brand, how to interpret the needs and specificities and what is the creative process.

Federigo Gabellieri

Art Director at GQ

The students met Annamari Vänskä. In her talk titled 'Fashion: an infrastructure of intimacy,' she delved deeper into the topics covered in her latest book "Intimacy - Embodied knowledge, creative work and digitalization in contemporary Finnish fashion". What is relationship between the body and fashion? How fashion is always influenced by society?

Annamari Vänskä

Professor of Fashion Research at Aalto University

Yuto Taniguchi is a professor assistant of the Digital Creative Course at UEDA College of Fashion and he is active in NFT and fashion. With the lecture 'Patterns and colors of traditional Japanese clothing', he introduced his work and his future approach, establishing Ueda Gakuen's unique method of fusing fashion production and 3DCG skills.

Yuto Taniguchi

UEDA College of Fashion (Osaka, Japan)

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