Combatir la escasez de agua desde el diseño IED Barcelona LessStress Shower Pure Peak Pure.drip


05 March 2024

The solutions were part of the EDIVI selection presented at DHUB on 29 February

As a consequence of climate change, the absence of regular, abundant rainfall will mean having to face increasingly frequent and prolonged periods of drought on the planet. Faced with this challenge, three 2nd-year Product Design students from IED Barcelona have devised innovative solutions to deal with water stress as part of the Styling Project subject.

Their proposals include a smart beach shower with an efficient water consumption system; a fog, dew and precipitation collection system to provide drinking water in humid environments where water is scarce, as is the case in many mountainous regions; and a range of planters and benches that save of water and 30% of fertilisers.

The three projects were on display at DHUB on 29 February as part of a selection by EDIVI – Education for Design for Life, a network of higher education centres of design for social innovation and sustainability.

Learn more about these three solutions to combat water shortages through design by clicking on the images.

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