El IED Barcelona celebra 10 años en Llum BCN con “Luminent”


05 February 2024

The proposal, a homage to Poblenou’s four elements, engaged very well with the public, as they expressed their amazement of this interplay of light and bubbles

The “Luminent” installation showcases the Poblenou neighbourhood’s historical identity in what has been IED Barcelona’s participation for the tenth year running in the Llum BCN lighting arts festival, which is organised by the Barcelona City Council’s Culture Institute in the Catalan capital from 2 to 4 February.

Devised by students from Product Design, Interior Design, Motion Graphics & Video, and Business Design, “Luminent” proposes an interplay of light and bubbles in order to represent the four distinguishing features of this area.

“Poblenou was known as ‘Taulat’ during its origins, a term that means a ‘piece of farmland’, which is exactly what remains now on the lot at Carrer de Tànger, 23, where the installation was located. The proposal aimed to reconnect people with the history of this neighbourhood in which we find ourselves, returning to its essence by representing the fire of its industrial history, the air of its renewal, the water along its beaches, and the mud and gravel that sustain its community,” explains Raffaella Perrone, Head of the Design School at IED Barcelona.

Each component of “Luminent” symbolises an element of this identity: the ground of this plot of land alludes to earth and demolition, the light refers to the energy of fire, the soap bubbles contain water, and the balloon represents the lightness of air.

Hypnotic effect

Besides its reference to the natural elements and spirit of Poblenou, “Luminent” is a contemplative installation that aims to recover the ability to astonish thanks to the beauty of lighting design. As Mery Glez, Head of the Visual Arts School at IED Barcelona, attests: “In a world in which it seems to be increasingly difficult to surprise us, this proposal aims to leave the general public speechless, to say ‘wow’ as they enjoy the magic and illusions created by the bubbles interacting randomly with the light.”

“Luminent” at Llum BCN 2024

Installation number 18

Place: lot at Carrer de Tànger, 23


“Luminent” credits

IED Barcelona students (in alphabetical order):

Iman Balzhanova – Business Design

Joab Buenaño – Motion Graphics & Video

Bianca Giacomini – Interior Design

Lisa Henry – Interior Design

Clara Marcó Viñas – Motion Graphics & Video

Hugo Martín Sánches – Product Design

Stepan Shalaev – Product Design

Reina Tay Bou Dargham – Product Design


Tutors: Joan Recasens, Raffaella Perrone and Mery Glez

Coordination: David López and Simona Cannonito

With the collaboration of Eutópica. 


IED Barcelona’s 10 participating works at Llum BCN: 

  1. 2015 “Xarxa”
  2. 2016 “Dins de l'Univers”
  3. 2017 “ADN BCN”
  4. 2018 “People Are Light”
  5. 2019 “Entremurs”
  6. 2020 “Lluman”
  7. 2021 “4-7-8”
  8. 2022 “Treequency”
  9. 2023 “Slow Light”
  10. 2024 “Luminent”


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